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At Peabody, we are dedicated to delivering quality homes, offering NHBC or LABC 10-year new build cover on all our homes. But we know that sometimes in your new build home some thing may go wrong.

That’s why we are committed to making sure that we’re on hand to help with issues, offering a Peabody two year defects liability period warranty.

Defect Liability Period 

All new build Peabody properties come with a warranty for two years.

This two year period is commonly referred to as the "defects liability period". The developer of your home is responsible for rectifying specified defects that occur in your property during this year.

The defects liability period commences from the date your property is handed over to Peabody from the developer, not the date on which you complete it. For example, if your property was handed over to Peabody in June 2020, but you purchased it in September 2020, then your property’s warranty would expire in June 2022.

The DLP covers a range of issues you may encounter, with repairs being timely and done to a high standard. 

There are three defect categories:

  • Emergency defects which may cause real danger to life or risk of major damage to property. The developer must make these safe within 4 hours and put them right within 24 hours. Examples of emergency defects include complete loss of power (when this is not related to the fuses in your home, which you are responsible for, or the mains power supply which the electricity company is responsible for), total loss of water supply, leaks which cannot be contained and faulty locks to doors and windows on the outside of the property.
  • Urgent defects are small repairs that need to be carried out urgently to prevent damage to property. The developer must complete these within 5 working days. Examples of urgent defects include leaks in sinks, baths, or basins, leak in the roof (unless it cannot be contained), and door entry system not working.
  • Non-urgent defects are small repairs where a defect is less urgent but has the potential to cause damage to the property. The developer must complete these within 20 working days. Examples of non-urgent defects are minor repairs to doors and faults that haven't been put right.

You can learn more about warranties on new Peabody homes here in our leaseholder section.


Buy with confidence protected by a 10 year warranty and 2 year Defect Liability Period.

Buy with confidence protected by a 10 year warranty and 2 year Defect Liability Period.

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