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At Peabody, we are dedicated to delivering quality homes, offering NHBC or LABC 10-year new build warranties on all our homes. But we know that sometimes in your new build home some thing may go wrong.

That’s why we are committed to making sure that we’re on hand to help with issues (defects) that may occur in your home, and fix them within a reasonable time so you can get back to loving where you live.

Defect Liability Period 

When you purchase a home with Peabody you are protected by a 2-year Defect Liability Period* (DLP). Within this period, if you do encounter any issues with your home due to poor workmanship or materials, we will send out repair services to fix any identified defects at no cost to yourself. A simple call to the Peabody Call Centre to report your issue is all that's required.

The DLP covers a range of issues you may encounter, with repairs being timely and done to a high standard, for example: 

  • Emergency repairs – seen to within 24 hours (i.e. no hot water, serious leaks/floods, loss of electricity)
  • Urgent Repairs – seen to within 5 working days (i.e. blockages, faulty doors, leaking toilets/drains/sinks)
  • Routine repairs – seen to within 20 working days (i.e. sticking doors/windows, minor faults/leaks, make-good and re-decorating from repairs)

To learn more about what issues are covered by the DLP, our helpful team are on hand to offer advice and information on your level of protection. Please feel free to get in touch and contact the Peabody Call Centre who will be happy to help.



Buy with confidence protected by a 10 year warranty and 2 year Defect Liability Period.

Buy with confidence protected by a 10 year warranty and 2 year Defect Liability Period.

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*2 year defect period valid from development handover date to Peabody, not resident legal completion date. 2 year defect period effective on all developments which have handed over from March 2021, for information relating to developments which handed over prior to March 2021, please contact the Peabody customer call centre.