Have you recently moved into a new home? Or are you simply redecorating and in need of that magic spell to make rooms look bigger on a cost-friendly budget?

This article is full of top tips and tricks to show you how to make a small room look big:

1. What colours make a room look bigger and brighter?

When considering how to paint a room to make it look bigger, you may ask yourself, “Does dark paint make a room look smaller?” Traditionally it has been recommended to use soft, lighter hues to make your room look big. However, more recently it has been noted colours that make rooms look bigger, not only include bright whites and lighter colours, but equally deep dark colours. When paired together, both colour variations help to create contrast, depth, and the illusion of a bigger room.

Use of colours can help make a room look bigger.

Use of colours can help make a room look bigger.

2. Do mirrors make a room look bigger?

Yes. The trick of how to make a hallway look bigger lies in the use of hanging mirrors. As the hallway normally contains walls that lack natural light, mirrors allow you to reflect light from the nearest window. Thus, creating the illusion of a bigger space. For a more stylish, modern approach of how to make a room look wider, try using a large or oversized framed mirror, carefully rested against a wall.

3. How to make a small bedroom feel bigger using light?

Using multiple light sources, whether artificial or natural can help make any room look and feel bigger. If your small bedroom lacks natural light, you can spread light evenly around the room using a couple of lamps, rather than relying on one light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Alternatively, if your bedroom feels smaller because of a low ceiling, to add height, draw your eyes upwards by using ceiling lights with detail.

4. How to use your floor space?

There are several ways to make your living room look bigger and brighter; from your choice of furniture to your choice of the upholstery colour. The main feature of a room to consider is how you can make more open space.

Having more open, floor space in a room makes it look and feel bigger. To achieve this space, try moving furniture away from walkways in your living room. Move tall pieces of furniture against the walls and look to purchase smaller pieces with hidden storage or multi-functional furniture.

Using furniture to store smaller items, not only helps to declutter your living room, but also gives the illusion of more space.

Purchasing furniture for your living room with exposed legs is another way to show more floor space and make the room look bigger. When buying new furniture, it is best to stick with upholstery in solid colours or neutral tones. Plaids, prints and stripes can all make a room feel cluttered. To create interest, while using solid, plain, colours, try textured upholstery.

Having more open, floor space in a room makes it look and feel bigger.

Having more open, floor space in a room makes it look and feel bigger.

5. Are rugs a good idea?

When trying to achieve the illusion of a bigger room, rugs can sometimes hide floor space and therefore make a room look smaller. On the other hand, using an area rug can not only help bring a room together and make it feel more complete, but it can also deceive the eye into thinking a room is bigger.

6. BONUS tip – clutter is your biggest enemy

Clutter is the best way to make a room appear even smaller. It does the opposite of open space. It is always best to have a regular clear out when a room is feeling too full or cramped, to prevent your home from being overcrowded.

Organisation is key. Creating collections of things and neatly arranging items, which you can then store out of sight, behind doors or on shelves, will help form more open space and make a room look bigger!

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