Working from home is more prevalent now than ever before and the working population is coming to terms with the fact that the commute from bedroom to desk might be a more permanent fixture in our lives. Whether you love or hate this new emphasis on WFH, our environment plays a huge factor and we maybe need to embrace the opportunity to fully personalise our office.

Our partner interior designers Suna, share some key tips below to promote productivity, personality, and comfort when working from home.

Separating your home and workspace

One of the difficulties of working from home is being able to put some distance between work and home life, especially if space is limited. Here are some ideas about how to do this.

Spaces in the home are usually divided by function. Practical furniture such as dining tables, sofas and seating create obvious separation in the home. However, in a room where you have to fit a lot in, the layout might not be quite so straightforward.

One way to define the functions in your space would be to use rugs. Rugs naturally define areas by breaking up the floor space, creating cohesion with furniture and function. Also, consider the size of the rug, where do you want your office to end and your living space to begin? Think about colour and pattern, If the room is tight avoid heavily patterned or dark rugs and go for something lighter and more natural.

Another solution to create a visual divide between living and working is to physically separate your space with the use of shelving and accessories. This not only divides the space, but also is a great storage solution which still allows light into the space.

Storing your 'work day' away

Packing up your work items successfully is a great indication that you have left the ‘office’ for the day, it not only helps you to unwind but mentally prepares you for a relaxing evening ahead.

Find out some ways to help you achieve this in your own home, by using unique shelving, bookcases and drawers are a great way to keep your office uniform and shows your skills at accessorizing. Places such as IKEA offer many storage solutions, and they can be versatile and work for any size or budget.

It is worthwhile considering how you use the space you already have, for instance building shelving vertically up a wall. Be creative with your existing storage, using free cupboards or a walk-in wardrobe as an office which means you can close the door on your desk at the end of the day.

Minimalist vs Maximalist

If you are trying to work from home and space is tight or you are in a shared house, it might be time to ditch the maximalism and declutter; a minimalist home office might be best if space is limited. Opt for muted tones and a small desk or lap top table. 

When your home office is in your bedroom, perhaps a long, skinny desk or console table which takes up little space is worth considering. This will also be multi-functional, doubling as a dressing table too. Neutral accessories are a great way to create cohesion and to disguise your new office within your home.

If you are still keen to embrace the maximalist look then maybe try transforming your dining table into a creative conference room, or have extravagant multi-use desk space. Or, combining a mixture of textures, fabrics, and patterns, as well as being generous with bold colours will promote your character and define your personal space.

And the use of accessories and artwork can also quickly transform your workspace. Adding personality to your home office will really fuel your creativity, having a positive impact on your work life.

Bring the outdoors in

Another great way to show personality as well as promoting a calm working environment is the use of greenery. Using a variety of plants is an excellent way to add texture and colour in your home office, together with their more practical benefits.

Larger plants are known to absorb excess noise, which is ideal for shared areas with limited space. Caring for plants in your home office also encourages you to consider the natural light in your workspace. A well-lit home office is fantastic for performance, positivity, and overall health.

Choosing tough plants which require less care and attention, will still create a peaceful environment without requiring green fingers. An array of indoor plants are also a great conversation starter as a backdrop on a work call.

Create a memorable Zoom background

With many of us now starting new careers from our bedroom, our call backgrounds are key to showing elements of our personalities and creating a lasting impression to a client or colleague.

Plants and the use of accessories are great indicators of style and compliment any shelving unit for the perfect backdrop.

Always remember the rule of three when accessorising; items placed in a triangle of three are more appealing to the observer. Artwork is also a brilliant background, expressing your creativity. A gallery wall or a large statement piece would be the go-to, or why not exhibit your own skills by hanging personal creations behind you.

Books are always a great background; these can be arranged typically by height, in colour themes, or by having the spine of the books to the wall, to create a neutral, muted backdrop.

To really make the most of your backdrop, you need to ensure you have the right lighting. Natural light is subject to change throughout the day, so an artificial light behind your camera might be a good idea.

Ready to create the perfect work space in your own home?

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