Published 24 Feb 2015

Crossrail for Bikes Brings Good News for Cyclists in London

It’s a cyclist’s world out there, or it will be soon once all the exciting development taking place in London is complete. Last year the ‘Crossrail for bikes’ was revealed, encompassing an 18 mile east-west route across the city, intersecting with a north-south route from Kings Cross to Elephant & Castle.

There are other protected routes and ‘quietways’ helping to make central London safely traversable for cyclists. Work has already begun on ‘Cycle Superhighway 2’ between Aldgate and Bow Roundabout, so to keep up with what’s planned Cycling Weekly has devised a complete guide.

Secure cycle storage for Shared Ownership developments

We think this is fantastic news, as it helps out some of our Shared Owners who purchase properties with us. Often, the planning conditions stipulate that our schemes must be car free, meaning no parking is available for residents and no parking permits will be issued.

As an environmentally-friendly solution for our buyers to have more options for travel, secure cycle storage is incorporated into the design of many of our schemes. This means there’s no cluttering your front entrance hall with a bicycle.

Ever more options for bikes

The past few years have seen a growing number of cycle cafes that cater to their clients either with increased cycle racks, outdoor seating, or a workshop attached to the establishment.

Many local borough councils offer incentives to increase the uptake of cycling in their area. These include confidence courses, repairs workshops, safety checkpoints, and group rides. If you’re a keen cyclist or keen to be a cyclist, it could pay to see what’s on offer by your local council, as often it is free or low cost. Alternatively, see if your employer is part of the Cycle to Work scheme, offering tax relief on the purchase of bicycles with the purpose of using them for commuting.

Cycling is a fantastic way to be active, save money on travel and enjoy the great outdoors. That’s why we make an effort to support our buyers in their cycling pursuits!

Barclays Cycle Hire Copyright Caricato da Colin

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