Up there with choosing a partner and picking your career, deciding on how to find a new house is one of the most important decisions of your life. Get it right, and you have a perfect place to create new memories, invite your loved ones, and escape London’s unpredictable weather. Get it wrong, and you are left envying the flash decor of your friend’s apartment.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when choosing a new home, ranging from affordability, to how many rooms you need to live comfortably, whether you are a single person or growing a family. Read on for a few things to look out for when buying a house:

Make sure the price is right

It goes without saying that price is perhaps the most important thing to think about before you find your perfect house. A new home can sometimes be an expensive venture, so make sure you have enough money to make a deposit, and find a property that matches your price range. If you feel like you can’t find a house to buy at the right price, Peabody has several schemes that help lessen the financial burden of finding your new home, from Shared Ownership to Rent-to-Buy, and a host of affordable rent homes to discover.

What makes a good house?

Once your finances are sorted, it is a good idea to visit your potential new home and get a sense of how it looks and feels. A good house has to meet your own requirements, so working out what your priorities are is key, whether that is a spare bedroom, or garden, new build or something with character. Considering the size of your current household, you’ll need to have the right amount of rooms, a potential workspace, and enough space to be able to clear your head. If you can start visualising your belongings and furniture dotted around the apartment, chances are it might be a perfect fit for you. 

Access to transport

If you need to go into work, chances are you will either want to be closeby, or at least have quick access to one of your city’s transport links. Helpfully, we have a newly launched development at Wharf Road in Islington, which is within walking distance of Old Street and Farringdon station, helping to reduce the stress of your daily commute into London. As well as getting you a potential extra hour of sleep, from its roof terraces and balconies, it’s also a great place to get stunning views of the city.

Gardens and Parks

The inside of your house is key, but if you like a breath of natural fresh air, you may also want a home that is situated near parks and gardens. If this is what you crave, our new apartments in Greenwich and Waltham Forest have everything you need, both located near parks that showcase all that nature has to offer. 


It might not be your first thought when considering how to find a home, but a property located near to good schools is very advantageous in the long term. As well as being useful for current or future kids, it will also increase the value of the development in the long term, as everyone wants their kids to go to good schools.

How to reach your decision

With all of these things to consider when buying a home, it’s not a surprise why it’s so hard to find a house. However, combining these factors in a home buying decision matrix may be the best way of showing you how to choose the right home, by balancing your needs in quick, efficient fashion. Considering the wide range of options offered by our Peabody homes, chances are you will find something that meets your every need. 

Purchase your home with Peabody

Once you've decided on where to set up home, you may need some help understanding the different ways you can purchase a home with Peabody. Whether you're looking for a Shared Ownership home with a view or want to buy a Private Sale home with the assistance of London Help to Buy; as one of the largest housing associations in the UK, with a selection of homes available throughout London and the South East - we've got you covered.

Take a look at our property search to find the perfect home for you.


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