Published 05 Mar 2021

5 Inspiring Paint Feature Ideas - Create Maximum Impact With Minimum Budget

Want to create the WOW-factor in your home on a low budget? Paint is one of the most versatile interior tools out there and we are going to show you a few painting tips and tricks to bring some creativity into your home.

Want to know the second best thing about decorating with Paint? If you decide you don’t like it anymore, you can paint over it with something new!

The next few tips are advised by our award winning interior designers, Suna and will show you some simple, cost effective ways to bring colour into your home and all you need is paint, a few rollers and some decorators tape!

1. Feature Walls and a Little bit more

Bring your feature paint colour over the corners of the room to create a contemporary paint feature that plays with the dynamics of your space. You can use this to zone your rooms, creating a divide between your home office and living space for example. This effect can work on just the walls or you can take it up over your ceiling for an effective bit of colour zoning.

2. Half Height Walls

Dissect your walls with colour! You can take the clean line look and achieve a crisp finish, or up the ante with keeping to a strict colour theme for some serious colour blocking. Another way to play with this feature is to have fun with brush strokes which adds energy to the finished effect.

You can flip it around too! Take the paint colour down from the ceiling to create a fake picture rail effect. I love the way this looks with artwork bisecting the two paint colours.

3. Painted Ceilings

We love the drama a painted ceiling can bring and have used it a few times to bring maximum impact into a space. You can keep it clean and fresh, take charcoal up on to the ceiling and leave the rest of the walls a brilliant crisp white. Alternatively play with colours, paint the ceiling a warm colour and watch the way your room changes.

Don’t want to paint the full ceiling? Why not play around with painting a section of the ceiling? This works similar to colour zoning, take a section of your wall and bring it up and onto the ceiling.

4. Painted Bands

Pretty simple, take a strip of your wall and paint it to add feature. This works amazingly with shelves - you could paint the shelves the same colour to have a fully painted in effect. Alternatively, use the same technique to create a striped wall.

5. Homemade Murals

Can’t find the perfect wallpaper? Why not paint it yourself?

Polka dots or stripes are a great solution, you don’t need to be Picasso and they can work anywhere, from hallways to kids’ rooms!

Alternatively, you could take the geometric approach and paint shapes onto your wall in different colours. The painted arch feature is quite popular recently, you could use it as a beautiful backdrop to some feature shelves or to zone your dressing table mirror.

Find out more ways to refresh your home on a budget - Read more

Inspired to try out paint features in your dream home?

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