Published 30 Sep 2018

Balcony Gardening

Don’t let your green fingers go to waste: here are our top tips for balcony gardening in London. Just because you don't have a garden, doesn't mean you can't have green fingers. Balcony Gardening can be as easy or challenging as you would like. Here we have collated some fantastic ideas for your garden balcony in London. 

Balcony flower bridge pots

Take a look at these ingenious rail hanging pots. Maximise your balcony size by using flower bridge pots that don’t eat into your balcony space. The flower bridge pots fit both round and square railings and come in a multitude of colours. Why not go for an array of rainbow colours to brighten up your balcony?

The pots come with clips to fit them into place, making them nice and secure, with space for growing herbs, flowers or any other plants you want to show off. Find a selection of flower bridge pots at The Home Depot, amongst other retailers.

Miniature greenhouse

Do you yearn to grow your own vegetables but think, “that greenhouse may be a tad too big for the balcony” when shopping at your local B&Q? Well where there’s a will, there’s a way. This beautiful and clever little design at makes use of your used plastic bottles. Simply cut the bottle in half to fit whichever plant pot you have and voilà, your own little green house. The top allows for air to circulate and for you to water the plants, while the plastic surround provides enough warmth to see your plants or veggies grow.

That’s not all you can do with your left over plastic bottles, have a look at this collection of Plastic Bottle houses we stumbled across. Inspired and ingenious comes to mind!

Pallet garden

Good ideas can come from anywhere, even from an old wooden pallet. Life on the balcony have developed a step by step guide to creating your very own garden in a pallet, which looks phenomenal. This guide makes use of cheap and easily resourced material to transform your balcony into an urban paradise.

This is a fun (and cheap!) way of giving your balcony that bit of greenery you wanted as well as utilising both your green fingers and DIY skills.

Watch your vegetables grow!

Gardening and growing your own food can provide a wonderful educational experience. If your still trying to get your kids to eat their veggies, why not try something new and let them grow their own to see if it stimulates their desire to eat their greens. This fantastic design allows you to see exactly what is growing on your balcony and you can find a handy seasonal growing guide for herbs and fruits at the bottom of this article to help you out.

Using a glass front, watch and see how your spring onions or carrots grow each day of the year. You can tell them those orange things help them to see in the dark you know!

A little slice of heaven

The summer is fast approaching, and we are definitely planning on soaking up every bit of warmth we can! Have a look at this balcony featuring hanging bulb lights and a soft cushioned bench area. Sit out in the afternoon with a beverage and a good book while the air is still warm.

When you have a balcony like this, who needs a garden?

Not sure what to grow?

Here are some nifty diagrams that help show you when is the right time to start harvesting. You can find a guide for both herbs and fruits courtesy of Russell van Kraayenburg.

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