Published 11 Oct 2018

Ideas for Saving Space in Your Home

London can sometimes be limited on space, with emphasis put on making the most of the room you do have. Fortunately, we have scoured the internet and found some inspiring ideas for saving space in your home, and collated our favourite intelligent designs to help you free up some space.

Is there a Transformer in your couch?

We know what you are thinking and yes, this does actually exist! If you have a slightly smaller spare bedroom and want to get the most out of it as a day to day living space as well as somewhere to have friends and family stay when they visit, then this is the design for you.

A robust ergonomic design, this may seem like a normal couch to the ordinary eye, but on further inspection you will discover a little more. This couch can flip, turn and swivel its way to a fully-functioning bunk bed with enough sleeping space for two. It comes in a variety of colours with this one found on Pinterest.

All you need to do now ensure your guests are willing and able to climb the ladder to get to bed.

Room in every nook and cranny

It seems there is no end to finding storage space in every corner of the room; quite literally.

This book shelf was brought to our attention by dornob, where the clever design utilises the wasted space often found in the corner of rooms whilst still providing an aesthetic that is most pleasing to the eye.

You can display the latest novel from Jo Nesbo or Lee Child that is still waiting to be picked up and read, or the ornament purchased on your latest trip to an exotic location.

Bring some vibrancy to the room with the colourful display unit providing ample room for storage.  

Rest easy knowing everything’s put away

It takes careful consideration to know that every part of your home is being utilised in the best way possible to maximise the space you have.

Don’t miss out on the middle areas under the bed by just using tupperware around the sides to slide things in. Make use of this device whereby the bed is tilted upwards to reveal the entirety of what is being hidden away and giving easy access to all your goods. We found this clever design on Pinterest.

Artisan Dining

Sometimes the best things are hidden away from view, and other times they are staring you right in the face. If you have a passion for art and enjoy displaying fine works on your wall, why not make the most of it with this glorious creation.

After looking at your newest Van Gough print or image capturing a fond memory, pull it down to reveal a dining table. Sit down with family or friends to enjoy your latest culinary experiment to delight the taste buds. When you’ve finished, simply pull the table back up to free up some valuable living space and once again display your chosen pictures. 

Looking for Work Space?

Sometimes you don’t have the luxury of separating a work space from your living area. Often the two end up being combined and it is difficult to separate work from leisure. This nifty little creation combines balcony shrubbery giving a rural feel with a well-crafted and urban design to create a working desk space to be enjoyed outside.

Make the most of the sun and fresh air on your balcony and take some inspiration from the view. You will never want to work another way again. See more at rephorm.

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