Published 21 Aug 2020

Top 4 Home Décor Ideas that won't break the bank

If you're on a tight budget at the moment and thinking about redecorating your home, you don't need to worry about the eye-watering costs usually associated with home decoration.

Giving your home a little spruce doesn't need to break the bank, you can inject some life back into every room using our low cost, high impact decorating tips. Our partner Interior Designers, Suna share some ideas to show you that small, inexpensive updates really do go a long way in transforming the look and feel of your home.

1. Paint Blocking 

An easy DIY technique that can create maximum impact to your home. Use a contrasting paint colour as a backdrop or frame for some wall artwork, or try wrapping colour up and over onto the ceiling for a high impact look which is great for “zoning” spaces, especially if you have an open plan area. 

Experiment with paint blocking behind the bed, to convert a plain headboard to something special. Painted ceiling accents work great in heightening a room, and by keeping the walls neutral you can go for bolder artwork and furnishings. Works especially well in narrow spaces like hallways and corridors.

Paint blocking back wall

2. Wallpaper Panelling

Wallpaper can be expensive, especially when you a have a large wall to fill. A great way to reduce costs but keep maximum impact, is by panelling. You require less wallpaper, and all you need to do is paste it to the wall and glue a wooden beading around it. Cheap, easy and has a gorgeous bespoke feel to it.

3. Changing Furniture Handles

Now this simple technique creates an instant upgrade on old furniture. Just by changing the handles you can transform a piece of furniture dramatically, and it costs a fraction of the price of buying a whole new item!

This works well for kitchen cabinets also, giving your kitchen an instant face-lift. Graham and Green do a beautiful selection of drawer knobs and handles at a very reasonable price. Home decor stores such as TK Maxx and HomeSense also always have handles in stock if you fancy a bit of a change.

4. Building your own headboards

This DIY idea sounds a lot scarier than it is – Wall hangings, tapestries and even rugs make a lovely alternative to a headboard. If you are more confident with a drill, a simple wood slat panel also makes a beautiful headboard at a very low cost. 

These low cost decor tips are so easy and practical to carry out in your home, why not put them into practise and transform your home without breaking the bank.


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