Published 27 Nov 2020

Top 5 Tips to create a Welcoming Entrance Way for your Guests

It’s easy to forget about the entrance to your home. When you move into your first home you get swept up in thinking about grand plans for the living room, the bedroom or that long dreamed for balcony.

However, the entrance hall is the first space your friends and family will see when they walk into your home. Typically, entrance halls are not huge, but our friends at Suna Interiors show you exactly how to make an impact with your entry hallway, with little effort and on a tight budget.

Follow these helpful tips to bring life into this usually forgotten part of your home, and create the 'wow' factor when inviting guests through your front door: 

1. Get practical

Are you always rushing out of the door forgetting your house or car keys? A small console table or wall hung shelf creates the perfect place to form a routine of putting down and picking up your keys, work pass, sunglasses or airpods. Having somewhere visible to place your personal belongings, will not only add a stylish feature to an otherwise blank wall surface but is a practical way to jog your memory during the morning rush. Even the narrowest space, smallest wall or corner can be utilised.

2. Create a hidden storage area

Although we currently don't have many places to go out to at the moment, but the amount of shoes we own would suggest otherwise. When your bedroom closet can no longer contain them all, add stylish baskets with lids to your hallway. Create shoe storage cleverly hidden inside narrow, beautifully designed consoles. Also encourage guests to take their shoes off when they enter your home and use your shoe storage solution as a way to keep your hallway in order. This will invite them to relax in your new home as well as protecting that brand-new carpet or statement rug.

3. Hooks aren't just for coats

Most new build homes have a good-sized closet in the entrance hall for coats etc which means that hooks are a little obsolete. This is great news as it stops the hallways from getting cluttered and feeling enclosed by bulky coats. However adding some stylish hooks is still a great idea, there are some really interesting and unique hooks on the market now which look like sculptures in their own right. By hanging a choice scarf or woven hat to them you can add colour and texture to the walls. Keep your hallway looking fresh by changing up your hanging piece with something different every few weeks.

4. Add a splash of colour for a transformation

The hallway is a great place to add some colour to the walls, as it is a smaller area to work with you can go for something really bold and exciting. Think about just painting halfway up, painting a shape in the corner or if your entrance hall has a lot of doors in it and not very much wall space, sights a little higher and paint the ceiling. You could go for a block colour or something patterned that adds texture. Create a design that entices people through those doors and in to enjoy the rest of your new home.

5. It's all in the (table) detail

A console table or shelf isn’t just good for helping you to remember your house keys, they are also ideal for creating a space for you to inject some height, colour, texture and most importantly smell. Dress one corner of the surface with a vase of dried flowers, a fun little sculpture, and a reed diffuser. Who doesn’t want to be greeted by the smell of vanilla chai or pine and sandal wood when they walk through the front door? Create a relaxing vibe with your table accessories when inviting guests round for the first time, be careful though - they may not want to leave!


Inspired to create a stylish entrance hall for your dream home?

At Peabody, we have a number of homes available to buy on the open market throughout London and the South East. We also provide homes for first time buyers through Shared Ownership and Help to Buy.



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