Published 25 Jun 2021

Top 6 Budget Friendly Ways to update your Living room

The Living room is an essential room in the home and is probably one of the spaces we love to relax in most.
It is a multi functional room, a place to unwind, to catch up with family and friends and to entertain guests. If you like to switch up your living room decor on a regular basis, you'll be aware of how costly it can become.

In the current climate where we're all trying to be extra resourceful, our Interior Design friends at Suna give us their Top 6 budget friendly tips and tricks to freshen up, transform and give the living room a new lease of life.

  1. Re-organising the room

Rearranging furniture and organising accessories can be a simple but highly effective way to transform your living area.
It’s easy to keep the layout of rooms the same for many years but simply rearranging furniture and accessories can have an instant impact on how you function and feel in the space. Keep in mind how you use the space to enhance the new layout to your benefit. Freshen up the space by decluttering and reorganising your belongings, books and shelf ornaments. Add some new storage solutions into the room, perhaps some baskets, boxes, trunks or vases as storage solutions.


2.) Paint

Treat your walls to a freshen up with some new paint. This attainable, impact option can instantly give your living room a lift. With a huge range of colours and tones of paints to choose from, consider if you want to go for a soft pastel colour to create a relaxing feel or a bold colour to give your room the wow factor. Don’t feel limited to painting all the walls the same colour, the options are endless; you could paint one wall as a feature wall, paint a half height wall, paint stripes, or block colours.


3.) Artwork

Add some new personality and life into the room with some striking artwork. A gallery wall of frames to showcase your favourite collected postcards, photographs, drawings, vinyl covers, posters or collected images from a beautifully illustrated book or magazine. Don’t feel restricted to using all matching frames, you could play around with different sizes, colours and styles of frames. You can also mismatch your artwork on show.

Play around with how you hang your frames; carefully lined up along the wall, stacked in a row, or hanging randomly for a more carefree look. Get creative, you don’t need to splash out on artwork or frames, you could showcase your own drawings or paintings.


4.) Shelving

Add some shelves into your living room to display your favourite accessories and to double up as extra storage. You can create an ever changing display as it’s easy to regularly update what’s on your shelves, whether its stacked artwork, potted plants, found objects or favourite ornaments. Consider different depths, lengths and colours of shelves and how you would like your shelves to sit; lined up or randomly spaced.

5.) Update soft furnishings

A new collection of cushions or cosy throws can revamp your soft seating areas. A great way to introduce some colour, texture and fun patterns or prints into the living room.

6.) Lighting

Lighting can be an essential tool which can help to set the mood in the living room and can transform the look and feel of the space. Experiment with how your lighting best suits the way you use the space, a new side lamp could enhance those cosy nights in with a novel on the sofa. A new floor lamp could brighten up a dark corner of the room and Soft fairy lights can help create a relaxing atmosphere.

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