Published 21 Jun 2021

World Wellbeing Week

Trying to stay on top of our ever-growing to-do lists means that many of us fail to prioritise our wellbeing. In 2019, World Wellbeing Week was established with the aim of promoting awareness of the various aspects of wellbeing. From social to physical, and from financial to environmental, there are several factors that can impact upon our wellbeing.

This year, World Wellbeing Week has been extended, covering 10 days between the 21st and 30th June. To mark the occasion, organisations are encouraged to highlight their wellbeing strategies and activities, so here at Peabody we thought that we would share how our homes cater for the welfare of our buyers.

Why Does Wellbeing Matter?

Failing to make time for our wellbeing can have serious impacts for our physical and mental health. These include:

  • Physical effects such as frequent headaches, muscle tension and insomnia
  • Emotional effects such as shifts in mood and increased irritability
  • Chronic stress

How Peabody's Developments Prioritise Wellbeing

Making sure our homes best meet the needs of our residents is central to our planning and design process. Considering the impact that our developments may have upon their wellbeing is one aspect of this. To exemplify this, we have collected a few examples from some of our developments –

Wellness Workouts

We are all aware of the positive effects that exercise has on our physical health, but it can also have considerable benefits for our mental health too. Residents at Arden in Lewisham have access to a comprehensive fitness suite, perfect for working away any tension. The space includes a free weights room, as well as spinning and yoga studios, ensuring that various workout types can be catered for.

Serene Green Spaces

Situated in Amersham Vale and in partnership with Sherrygreen Homes, The Scene offers a stunning collection of apartments and duplexes. Located on the edge of Charlottenburg Park, buyers are well situated to take advantage of the stress relieving properties of green spaces, with some homes benefitting from picturesque views across the park. Open spaces like this are the perfect place to take a break, get some fresh air and refocus your mind moments from your home.

Over at The Pomeroy in Lewisham residents June and Greg reported that the outdoor space was “one of our main reasons for purchasing here”. In August 2020, Jaqueline Mercer (Tiny and The House) transformed the show home terrace with plants, containers and furniture to demonstrate how home-owners can create their own green haven. Furthermore, the three-bedroom duplexes available at The Pomeroy boast their own private gardens, providing even more outdoor space. With many buyers seeing the benefits of the green space, there are now only four homes remaining at The Pomeroy.

Unwind in Front of a Big Screen

With Three Waters launching in Summer 2021, we wanted to make sure that buyers would have a space where they could relax and unwind. Complete with a resident’s only screening-room, we have provided a separate space for residents to enjoy. What’s a better way to spend some dedicated wellbeing time, than by watching your favourite movie on the big screen?

Relaxing Waterways

Several studies have concluded that spending time in proximity to blue spaces such as rivers, lakes and canals can positively impact health and wellbeing. With its third stage due to launch this summer, Bridge East in Newham is located on the banks of Bow Back River, a branch of the River Lea. In order to help residents take full advantage of their proximity to the river, the development features its own riverside walkway.

Set to be launched in Autumn 2021, our properties at Monier Place in Fish Island benefit from close proximity to the Hertford Union Canal, the Lee Navigation and the River Lea. A local network of canal side paths makes sure that residents are able to truly benefit from these calming waters by taking a gentle stroll towards some of the area’s popular restaurants, bars and cafes. For example, William and Ruth note that when taking their children to school and nursery they “can walk along the canal and be there in approx. 8 minutes.”

Calming Commutes

While public transport is convenient, crowded carriages can make even short commutes to work a rather stressful experience. Situated in Waltham Forest, Motion is ideally situated to take advantage of ‘Mini-Holland’, east London’s network of cycleways and cycle superhighway routes. Providing a more auspicious alternative to public transport, residents are able to take advantage of having the Lea Bridge Road route right on their doorsteps, which connects Hackney with Epping Forest.

Josephine, one of Motion’s residents, commented that she “would usually cycle to and from work” and that during lockdown, she has really been enjoying cycling. Cycling is not only great for your physical health, but also your mental wellbeing and has been linked to reduced anxiety and increased self-esteem. 516 secure cycling spaces offer safe storage and provide peace of mind.

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