Work-life balance (WLB) is probably one of the workplace’s biggest buzz words – and for good reason.

It’s so easy to get bogged down in hitting that deadline, or attending all of those meetings added in your calendar or jumping on those last minute requests from senior members of the team which will have you working w-a-y past the end of day.

But the truth is, it’s not uncommon for people to have their WLB thrown off momentarily.

…but there is a light at the end of the tunnel with these tips. 

Work > Life

Especially recently with a massive change to working patterns and environments, it’s no wonder that work can feel like it’s taking over. Burning the candle at both ends will lead to burnout, so be sure to get your balance back in check and try…

    Whether this is a new sport, business venture, cookery classes or getting stuck into a new book with friends; try taking up social commitments outside of work to help tune off.

    If you feel that your work-brain kicks in at different hours to the normal 9-5, work to this advantage and talk to your line manager about adapting your working pattern and hours i.e. start late and finish later or work longer hours for 4 days in the week and enjoy the 5th day to yourself.

    Despite restrictions on destinations to visit, taking a break is still so important for mental well-being. Book a holiday for a pamper day, explore the local area or even spend time with the family so you have something to look forward to and can revitalise yourself away from Outlook and work demands.
Valley House - Greenwich

Valley House - Greenwich

Life > Work

Although maybe not as common, some people might find that they’re not motivated by work as much so find that they’re life can be a distraction to the workplace. If this is the case, try...

    Perhaps you’re not challenged in the workplace anymore – and it happens to us all. But perhaps consider seeking out new challenges or qualifications to re-ignite the passion for the workplace. Or even starting your own business – after all, work is work.

    Some workplaces offer other initiatives and schemes for employees to get involved with – social clubs, mentoring schemes, community groups etc. So perhaps now is the ideal time to take get involved in these and take advantage of this. And if your workplace doesn’t have these schemes, perhaps consider starting one.

    Sometimes working in the family home with family demands can provide its own challenges when balancing the scales of work and life. And you’re not alone. Perhaps changing up your work environment or developing a space to work without disruption and minimal distractions could help. Be sure to keep and eye open for seasonal sales to make the most of any budget in transforming your working from home space into a new professional haven.

But ultimately, the key to ACHIEVING YOUR BALANCE is boundaries. Be sure to make sure that you make the most of making time for yourself and those around you and prioritising appropriately. Work will always be there, but the memories you can create now with loved ones might not be so easy to come by.

So don’t miss out, and make the most of your balance.

Patchworks - Islington

Patchworks - Islington

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