Picture this. You’ve just arrived back home after an exhausting day in the office and desperately need a lift. Suddenly, the sunshine soars through your blinds and settles on your back. Just like that, your mood changes. This is just one of the huge benefits that come from having natural light at home, which also helps you save the amount of money you put towards energy bills!

It’s not hard to see why many home buyers are now looking at natural light in house design. That is why we have put together some valuable tips on how you can get more natural light in your house!

Tips for getting more natural light at home

  • Invest in more mirrors
  • Clean your windows
  • Consider a lighter colour palette
  • Use reflective tile surfaces
  • Keep your windows clear of clutter or overgrown trees
  • Use glass doors
  • Get some roof lights

Invest in more mirrors

Mirrors don’t just make your home look more spacious. They can also help bring light to the darkest spaces! Why? Because mirrors can reflect light and effectively bounce sunshine around your house! For best results, try placing your mirror at a perpendicular angle to your window, and wait for the magic to happen. You don’t need to build a whole house of mirrors, but one or two here and there can make a big difference.

Clean your windows

Your windows are the easiest way for light to get into your home, so you need to keep them clean to ensure they do the best job they can. Take a cloth and some cleaning products and get to work - you’ll be surprised what a big difference it makes keeping windows and glass doors squeaky clean. Plus, who wants to have a dirty window anyway?

Consider a lighter colour palette

It might sound obvious, but a lightly coloured space is the perfect environment for natural light to thrive. Lighter colours reflect light and can brighten up your home in an instant, while darker shades tend to absorb light. You can opt for lighter furniture, curtains and a lightly coloured ceiling. For the biggest impact, why not coat your room in a crisp white finish? Your home will be glowing with natural light in no time.

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Having lots of natural light flooding into your apartment offer huge benefits.

Use glossy tile surfaces

Attracting more light isn’t just about the colours you use - it’s also about the material! If you can coat your furniture and appliances with glossy surfaces, you’ll increase the amount of light you can project around your home. You can also make use of metallic surfaces in areas like your kitchen. As well as looking brighter, your home will enjoy a more polished, stylish look!

Keep your windows clear of clutter or overgrown trees

Murky windows aren’t the only enemy of window sunlight. If your windows are blocked by clutter or trees, you won’t be able to take advantage of the full power of the sun! Start by moving any furniture or plants that might be blocking the window, and replace your curtains or blinds with lighter materials. Next, think about what you can do outside to expose your window to the sun. Arm yourself with your gardening tools and remove any weeds or offending tree branches that might be blocking your precious sunlight!

Use glass doors

Do you have a home full of solid wooden doors? Consider spicing things up a little bit by adding glass windows and glass panel doors. Glass doors are magnets for sunlight, and are especially useful if you have a garden to venture out into. As well as keeping light inside, you can gaze out at your wonderful garden all year long!

Get some roof lights

Looking for a surefire way to get more natural light in your home? Look no further than roof lights. Roof lights are installed by creating an opening in your roof that lets more light in to illuminate your home. The effect is dazzling, giving you the feeling of being underneath the sun without even having to leave your home. Worried about how roof lights handle during the cold months of winter? Don’t be - the protection of double glazed windows and the possibility of adding blinds should be enough to keep you cozy!


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