To many house owners living in apartment buildings, gardening may not be seen as a top priority, but having the additional space available to make use of is certainly a nice added benefit. Working together with interiors, garden and fashion influencer Tiny and the House, Peabody has transformed the terrace of the show home at The Pomeroy using a range of plants and containers as well as outdoor furniture and soft furnishings balcony/terrace without breaking the bank and guaranteeing minimal upkeep.

Jacqueline of Tiny and the house at The Pomeroy

Jacqueline of Tiny and the house at The Pomeroy

“Creating a beautiful garden doesn’t have to break the bank” explains Jacqueline Mercer of Tiny and the House “when I was approached to transform the garden space at The Pomeroy I wanted to create a budget friendly area that was easy to maintain whilst still providing a place that had enough room to entertain or relax during the summer.”

When people think of gardening they often think of manicured lawns, terracotta pots and evergreen bushes, much like those found in their parents or grandparents’ homes. This look isn’t achievable when you’re living in an apartment and often doesn’t reflect the interior of a modern London home. In order to create a vibrant, contemporary, Instagrammable space Jacqueline showcased how a variety of budget friendly objects can be used to transform a space.

Jacqueline continues, “My main priority when designing the terrace at The Pomeroy was budget, I was super conscious that lots of the residents will be first time buyers and won’t have a huge budget to transform their outside space” explains Jacqueline. “I tried to source as budget friendly as possible.  In fact, I used galvanised bins bought online at Amazon, I found lots of sizes at great prices, they look absolutely fab planted up and sit really well together as a collection.  They really bounce the sunlight, and the colour of the plants pop against them amazingly.  The material really works in the setting, not too modern just right.”

“I was also mindful that many residents will be busy, many are city workers or balancing a busy social schedule. I wanted to make the garden as low maintenance as possible and include plants with long flowering periods so that there was always something happening in the space.  I used lots of plants trialled and favoured in my own garden.  I planted a mix of Hydrangea limelight, Heuchera, Lavender, Agapanthus, Lobelia, Dahlia and Eucalyptus.  These are all great to keep interest for as much of the year as possible.  And a great basis for someone to add to.”

“The garden we have created at The Pomeroy is a great example of how to use the space to the best of its abilities, almost any space can be transformed with the addition of plants” concludes Jacqueline.

Get the look at The Pomeroy

Galvanised planters

Amazon - from £15.99: a mixture of sizes works best when creating an interesting space


Many of these plants can be found at your local garden centre

You will also need good quality compost such Miracle-Gro All purpose and Potting Grit  

Garden chairs

John Lewis - £160

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