Making a statement and being bold with your choice of colour scheme in your home requires a lot of research and mood board planning.

However, thanks to so many varying hues and textures, a creative use of colour can really transform your home and add character to any room. Our interior design experts Suna, share some tips to help you create the perfect colour palette in your home.

Tip 1: Get Some Inspiration

Start by collecting a lot of inspiration! Pinterest is a great place to start or the Instagram 'save tab' where you can collate images with an appealing colour palette. Don’t get bogged down by what the colours are or could be, just look at images which catch you eye and collect as many as you can.

The images could be showing anything eg. an abstract painting, a curated lifestyle image, an interior shot of an aspirational home, something from nature or a fashion influencers outfit.

Accent pops of colour

Accent pops of colour

Look through the images and start to think about the ones which have similar colours or features that particularly stand out to you. Once you have started to narrow it down you might be struck by a palette you love or you might like them all!

Tip 2: Use your Imagination

Imagine how you use the room you are creating the colour palette for and how you want it to feel. Do you want it to feel warm and inviting? Think about whether the room gets good day light, if so you might want to find colours that make the most of this natural light. Place yourself as a visitor in your own home, what kind of impact do you want this a space to make on your guests? Perhaps you just want a room to make you feel happy or a de-stressing homely retreat to make you feel calm. 

Once you have chosen an image that you think will work with how you want your home to look and feel, examine it closely and try to workout why it works for you. Identify the dominate colours and the tones that stand out and decide on whether to use that colour as a base to decorate your room.

Tip 3: How to use colour in your desired room

You now need to think about the areas of your home and items needed which will be a part of this colour palette.
If you are renovating your living room then you might need a sofa colour, an armchair colour, a wall paint colour or a particular cushion colour etc. Also, if you decided that you wanted this room to have an impact on guests, then maybe the sofa should be in one of the dominant colours and the cushions in more neutral or supporting colours.

Alternatively, also think about the longevity of the colour palette. If you love it for now but know you might want the choice of changing it up again in a couple of years, then it might be best to keep the sofa in one of the neutral (or supporting colours) and mix the dominant colours with cushions and throws as part of your scheme.

Calm, neutral colour palette

Calm, neutral colour palette

Tip 4: How many colours is advisable?

Depending on how dominant your colours are, try to pick around 4-6 colours so that you don’t overpower the room.

Really pay attention to shades and tones found in the dominant and supporting colours of your palette as these will be the most complimentary to your scheme.

If you want to have a more neutral colour on the walls, then look for this colour in your inspiration image rather than just buying any neutral colour from the store. You’d be surprised how varied grey or off white can be!

Before you start painting or heading to the shops with your colour swatches in hand, stop and think – Can I imagine living in this?

Some colour palettes we love on paper but might have a different reaction when it’s painted on every wall. However, don’t let this put you off. Be brave with you design decisions and remember its only fabrics and paint. You can easily change it, if you later decide it's not to your liking.

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