Everyone looks forward to summer - who doesn’t get excited about the prospect of sunnier weather and tropical getaways? But when a powerful heatwave, like the one, recently experienced, has you panting and sweating in your own home, you might start to question what you were looking forward to!  

Worried that your house will be too hot in summer? Stay two steps ahead of the heat wave with our tips on how to keep your house cool! 

Ways to keep your house cool during summer: 

  • Use the ice fan trick
  • Turn off electronic devices that you aren’t using
  • Open windows at night
  • Close your blinds
  • Linen sheets
  • Unclutter your room

Use the ice fan trick 

If you are really struggling with the heat in your home, using the ice fan trick is a nifty and very affordable piece of witchcraft. All you need is a fan, a metal bowl, and a couple of ice cubes. Place a bowl full of ice cubes below your fan, and you can enjoy an ice cold breeze during the heat. A fan can do a job in its own right, but adding the cold waft of ice cubes takes your home cooling to a whole other level.  

Turn off electronic devices that you aren’t using 

You should be doing this already to save energy, but turning off any unused electronic devices can help you avoid any unnecessary heat. Whether it’s your laptop, a phone on charge or a tv, leaving your devices on standby could lead to overheating! If you are struggling to sleep at night due to heat, keeping things on charge overnight will only aggravate the problem. 

Open windows at night 

The beginning and end of the day are the best times to get cool air - don’t miss out on this excellent ‘window’ of opportunity. After an especially hot day, keep your windows open to let the cool air circulate around your home. As well as making it easier for you to sleep at night, you can also get a head start on the heat’s appearance the next day. If you keep your windows open on either side of the house, and keep all doors inside the house open, you can enjoy a gentle breeze on the hottest days! 

Close your blinds 

Your windows are the favourite entrance for sunlight to come through. So if you want to have any chance of keeping your home cool, you need to block the sun out! During the hottest parts of the day, you may want to keep your blinds closed and your curtains drawn to save yourself from excessive heat. 

Keeping your house cool in summer

Worried that your house will be too hot in summer? Stay two steps ahead of the heat wave with our tips on how to keep your house cool!

Linen sheets 

During the muggy hot days of summer, going to sleep can feel like an extreme sport. Make your life easier and switch out the heavy fabric of your duvet for some linen sheets. Linen sheets are much lighter on your skin, and can help regulate your temperature when you sleep - you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time! 

Unclutter your room 

If you have a room full of clutter, this will only lead to more heat in your home. The more open your rooms are, the more chance you have of heat dispersing in favour of cooler air. Start getting rid of things you don’t need - old newspapers, books and clothes - and your home will instantly feel more breezy and breathable. As well as making your home less stuffy, it will also be much more pleasing on the eye! 

Save your baking and washing for nighttime 

Turning on your washing machine or oven is a surefire way of making a room hot in a hurry. You may not be able to avoid it, but try and delay anything using any appliances that give off loads of heat. The cooler air of night may be able to offset the heat of your appliances! 

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