The world of interior design has well and truly made its mark, inspiring the way we choose to style and decorate our homes - from the latest trends and design ideas surging across Instagram, to the newest striking colours and furniture collections to hit the high streets, we can’t seem to get enough of it!

If you love all things interior (and let’s face it, many of us do) then sit tight and indulge yourself in Peabody’s latest mini-series, #WilliamsonHeightsChallenge. Partnering with three exciting interior design influencers, we gave them free reign to showcase their creative prowess in three brand new apartments at our exciting Wembley Park development, Williamson Heights!

Working together with @around.robyn, @design_at_nineteen and @littlebigbell, each interior designer was set a challenge to put their own unique and memorable stamp on three one bedroom apartments. With a solid brief to create inspirational yet achievable home interiors, each designer put their own spin on this and delivered three exclusive creations based on typical buyers and their budgets – aiming to show our buyers how they can take a space and transform it into a home that allows their own personality to shine through.

@around.robyn | Challenge: The Second Hand Home

“I’m excited to show people how different people, living different lives will create a space” - @around.robyn


Bright, bubbly and bold - Robyn Donaldson is an award-winning interiors blogger who has a wild personality to match her eye-catching interior designs. A lover of all things design, Robyn’s #WilliamsonHeightsChallenge is to transform a fairly spacious two-bedroom apartment into a cosy home, sourcing used furniture items from Facebook Marketplace, ebay and other local markets. Taking her inspiration from the 1960’s, Robyn’s apartment flaunts her ecelectic style and shows buyers how to make the most of pre-loved furniture, whilst also styling up your home on a budget.

@design_at_nineteen | Challenge: The Around Wembley Home

“ I want to show potential homeowners that they can create a beautiful home for themselves using items in their local area and on a budget”- @design_at_nineteen


Easily one of the most recognisable faces on Instagram when it comes to home design, content creator and interior stylist Justin Coakley has certainly made the most of his #WilliamsonHeightsChallenge. Proudly putting his stamp on his apartment which was to source items from and around the local area of Wembley. As Williamson Heights is found on the edge of Wembley Park and within a short distance from every homeowners favourite essential Swedish home store, IKEA – designing a gorgeous home with flat-pack furniture and accessories from the area couldn’t be easier, Right?

Tasked with transforming a generous two-bedroom apartment with an en-suite and private balcony, Justin has a real challenge on his hands with creating a memorable interior design scheme in the largest of the three apartments; but still staying within the same budget as the other designers! Engaging his creative juices and cleverly up-cycling and using his renowned insta-famous “IKEA hacks”, Justin has transformed his apartment and has managed to show buyers that you don’t have to travel far, or spend a lot to create a beautiful, chic home – ready to be the envy of new neighbours!

@littlebigbell | Challenge: The Work Hard, Play Hard Home

“I’m excited to create a space that is different to what you conventionally see in a show apartment” - @littlebigbell


Last, but not least, interior design blogger and NHS doctor, Dr. Geraldine Tan is calm, collected and creative. Although her day job requires precision and attentiveness, Geraldine’s approach to interior design is not what you would expect. Memorable, exciting and clever with some ingenious ways to make the most of a one-bedroom home that many buyers often find difficult to style; especially in current times, trying to find space to work from home, but also unwind.

And that’s precisely what Geraldine’s #WilliamsonHeightsChallenge is – to create a home where buyers can work from and also enjoy after their working day ends. Although homes at Williamson Heights will benefit from co-working spaces and pods in the exclusive residents lounge in 2021, it’s important to also show how buyers can still create a multifuctional home. From the outside, in – Geraldine has definitely made her mark on her Williamson Heights apartment and shown single buyers and couples how to make the most of their new space. 

So, all that’s left now is to stay tuned in to these savvy social media gurus, and follow them on their journey to transforming three brand new apartments into three amazing new homes. Watch the videos at Williamson Heights, and if you’re looking to find a new home of your own (through Shared Ownership or London Help to Buy) be sure to look out for some exciting new offers Peabody will be releasing in the new year, along with some exclusive new video releases. As the saying goes……watch this space…….literally! 

Feeling a little inspired? 

If you've taken some inspiration from our interior design influencer's, and want to purchase your very own apartment at Williamson Heights to use your newfound design skills and create a place to call home; you're able to purchase a home at this development through Shared Ownership or Help to buy.

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