Life in lockdown: Reaping the rewards of routine at Battersea Reach

The importance of routine and structure has long been associated with having a positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing, particularly during stressful times.

For Italian-born Carmela, this is exactly what has kept her motivated and focused during the COVID-19 lockdown at her new one-bedroom apartment at Battersea Reach, Peabody’s stunning riverside development in Wandsworth.

Now, into her eighth week working from home, Carmela explains how she is coping:

“At first, like many other people, I found the lockdown very stressful and worrying, not only because of the situation in the UK. but also having family and friends living in Italy too where things were very serious. I realised very quickly that I needed to try and stay as positive as I could. Being one of the lucky few that are able to work from home, has meant that I have been able to sustain a level of structure to my days.

I have now incorporated a strict routine for myself, it provides me with a strong sense of purpose, which is incredibly important for our mental health. Every day I effectively ‘go-to-work’, everything is the same apart from my commute. I get up at the same time, I get dressed for work and I even have the same lunch break. I set my laptop up each morning, and always make sure I put this away at the end of the day.

It’s really important to make sure my work and personal down time are kept separate. Whilst I don’t have to commute, I find I am much less tired and I manage to get more work done, as I have fewer distractions!”
Carmela in her living room

Carmela in her living room

Is working from home the new-normal?

Carmela explains how she is managing to stay connected with her colleagues and friends from her home:

“I have started to enjoy working from home, as long as I have an internet connection I have realised I can pretty much work from anywhere. Having access to social media, online video calling and conference calls with my colleagues is great. It means we can still keep in touch even if we can’t be in the same room. For the time being, it’s a new normal for all of us – as human beings we are very good at adapting very quickly to changes in our environment, and this has certainly put me to the test!”
Carmela in her kitchen

Carmela in her kitchen

The benefits of keeping fit and staying active during Lockdown

Exercising and keeping active has also been proven to support our wellbeing and boost our overall mood. Battersea Reach comprises a stylish collection of homes set amongst beautiful landscaped courtyard gardens, whilst also being a short walking distance from tranquil walks along the River Thames and open green spaces of Wandsworth Park.

“I have taken up an exercise routine – which is something completely new for me! I have been following a popular online fitness blogger, this has kept me really focused. My apartment is really spacious and has lots of light, so I have been doing these workouts at home after I finish work. I have also been getting up earlier before I start work and going for my daily walk, either along the river or at nearby Wandsworth Park. I know the local area very well, and considering how central I am to London, there is plenty of green space near me which is great for being able to keep up the social distancing.”

Carmela concludes: “Although I live on my own, being able to call my family and friends has been a saviour. I have even been able to organise online dinner parties, pizza nights, schedule chats to catch up with friends, and have even managed to cook together online! Whilst we are all detached from the people closest to us, having online contact has certainly made me feel a lot closer to my friends and family, especially now when it is so important to keep talking”.

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