Published 12 Jul 2019

Hannah, a 27-year-old solicitor, spent much of her twenties renting with housemates, saving as much as she could for a deposit on her first home. Determined to purchase on her own, Hannah wasn’t willing to settle for the first development that caught her eye. Still, she found that buying a property on your own was a lot of pressure. This led her to consider Shared Ownership as a realistic first step onto the property ladder, knowing it would allow her to increase the share she bought in her chosen property at a comfortable pace.

Already living on Regents Canal, Hannah enjoys the social scene the area oozes, from the local bars, independent shops and restaurants, to the active lifestyle Islington encourages through its scenic cycle routes through the local parks. Keen to stay in an area she was most familiar with, Hannah discovered Peabody’s Wharf Road online and realised that her dream apartment could be closer than anticipated.

Hannah comments: “I wasn’t in a rush to move; I wanted to make sure that the location was right for me. Wharf Road was launching a short way down the canal from my flat, and I kept a close eye on it until the apartments were available to view.” Hannah was thrilled at the idea of owning an apartment beside the waterway – her favourite part of Islington – and eventually put down a £22,000 deposit for a 40 per cent share of one-bedroom apartment with the full market value of £570,000.

Hannah Peaseed with her Apartment- Whartf Road

Hannah in her new home at Wharf Road, Islington

Wharf Road Show Home

Show home bedroom at Wharf Road

Wharf Road Show Home

Show home living area at Wharf Road

“After seeing other Peabody developments I had great expectations for Wharf Road. I knew what I was going to get and I wasn’t disappointed. The apartment let’s in a lot of light, a characteristic that really appealed to me."
- Hannah, first time buyer at Wharf Road

Shared Ownership homes at Wharf Road, Islington

Before making her decision, however, Hannah took the time to view other Peabody developments. Impressed by the high specification and finishes, she immediately booked in a viewing at Wharf Road when appointments became available. The majority of apartments at Wharf Road maximise sunlight and showcase tranquil backdrops of the areas stunning attractions, including the City Road Basin. Impressed with the extended feel of space in the apartment, Hannah knew that it was the one.

She goes on to explain: “After seeing other Peabody developments I had great expectations for Wharf Road. I knew what I was going to get and I wasn’t disappointed. The apartment let’s in a lot of light, a characteristic that really appealed to me. The balcony also extends the feel of the space - I was particularly impressed with west facing view overlooking the canal as it’s my favourite part of Islington. I’m excited to sit and watch some beautiful sunsets and enjoy the view with friends and family.”

Hannah is now looking forward to the future. She comments: “Moving won’t be a drastic change for me, however, I’m particularly looking forward to living on my own and having my own space, being independent. Knowing that I own 40 per cent of the property I’m in – it’s a wonderful feeling. I look forward to decorating and furnishing my new home, keeping it light, modern and airy.”

With the guidance and support from Peabody, Hannah found the one. She concludes: “After being recommended Peabody through friends that have purchased with them, I was confident that I would find what I was looking for. Peabody were extremely supportive and made the process as smooth and stress free as possible for me – it was great to have guidance from such a friendly and approachable sales team.”

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