Ah, spring. After the long, cold days of winter, is there a better time of year? As well as having a positive impact on your mood, spring is the season of change when it comes to your interior design. As the sun shows its face and the great outdoors becomes more appealing, your spring home decor should reflect the wonders of the natural world. Scrambling for ideas? Check out our tips for decorating your home for spring!

Spring home ideas:

  • Statement wallpaper
  • Make your house guests green with envy
  • Add cozy accessories
  • Curvy furniture
  • Biophilic designs
  • Stylish cabinets
  • Open-space living

Statement wallpaper

Wallpaper is no longer simply a backdrop for your frames and wall clocks. Increasingly, it’s becoming a tapestry for self-expression, a blank canvas where you can let your imagination run wild. Statement wallpapers are very much in right now, and introducing an extravagant pattern is an easy way to refresh your home. If you are looking for spring decorating ideas for your home, this one is sure to catch the eye. Depending on what you’re into, you could go for a floral design, animal patterns, or a striking mural. The opportunities are endless!

Make your house guests green with envy

Surround your home with spring’s most popular colour this year - green! As well as being a symbol for the natural world, green is known for its calming qualities - perfect for making you feel comfortable in your home. Go for natural shades of green like olive, sage and mint - even when you’re inside, you can reap the benefits of being surrounded by natural colours. Paired with warm wooden tones, you’ll never want to leave the sanctuary of your home.

Add cozy accessories

It may be spring, but you can’t guarantee the weather won’t take a turn for the worst. Surround your home with warm, snuggly accessories, and you’ll always have something to hold when things get cold. But cushions and throw pillows don’t only give you a respite from crisp mornings and chilling evenings. If you layer your accessories with bright patterns and textures, they can level up your home’s aesthetic in time for spring!

Curvy furniture

If you want a more natural look for your home, look no further than curved furniture. Rounded furniture is becoming increasingly popular with home-owners, whether it’s mirrors, sofas or dining tables. While sharply edged furniture can look harsh, there’s a certain empathy to curves that make a home look more warm and inviting. As well as making you and your guests feel more comfortable, you also avoid the risk of hitting sharp edges!

Spring decorating ideas for your home

Scrambling for ideas? Check out our tips for decorating your home for spring!

Biophilic designs

But first, what is biophilic design? Biophilic design is a form of decor that connects your home to nature, making use of natural light, ventilation and plantlife. Examples include potted plants, plants trailing down your ceiling, and simply designing your home to allow more natural light inside. These changes offer far more than giving your home a more striking, naturalistic look. They can also help to boost your mood, productivity and mental health.

Stylish cabinets

As far as furniture goes, cabinets aren’t known for being especially eye-catching. But as spring approaches this year, expect this to change. Cabinets do a great job of tidying up busy spaces, but did you know that they could also be a creative way to liven up your home? You can get experimental with your cabinet design by adding a vertical paneled door or a flat panel. Why not add some personalised door knobs to truly set a room alight.

Open-space living

The past few years have already seen a drift towards more open and organised living. But as spring fast approaches, this decorating trend will only become more popular. An open-space floor-plan will enable you and your guests to move through your home with ease, going from eating to sleeping and even exercising. To make the most of your home space, choose a furniture layout that prioritises space and convenience, and make use of floating shelves and crafty storage devices.

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