Winter is here and although spring is not too far off, we are still in the midst of short days, chilly winds, popping on layers of clothing and much colder homes. If you don’t know how to keep your home warm during winter, we have some nifty tricks. Warming up your home doesn’t have to mean turning up your thermostat - there are plenty of cheap ways of keeping your home warm in winter. 

Don’t know where to start? Peabody has rounded up some of the best ways to keep your house warm! 

Winter home heating tips

  • Use a smart heating timer
  • Make the most of your curtains
  • Use rugs to cover your floors
  • Cut off all draught areas
  • Don’t leave doors and windows open
  • Put a shelf above your radiator
  • Master your furniture arrangement

Use a smart heating timer

Keeping your central heating on 24-7 is a costly decision that you don’t need to make. You can get around this by setting your timer on around 30 minutes before you wake up. This will help you brave the day without worrying about the cold. If you go to work during the day, keep your heating off and set your heating to turn on when you get back. 

Smart heating timers will also improve the energy efficiency of your home - saving you money in the process!

Make the most of your curtains

You might not think so, but curtains are vital to good insulation. Wondering whether curtains keep a room warmer? This will depend on how smart you use them. Take advantage of sunlight during the day by leaving your windows open to absorb the heat. When it gets colder and darker, you can close your curtains to keep in all the warm air you absorbed. Keeping warm without heating your home has never been simpler!

Use rugs to cover your floors

Don’t start your day by stepping onto an icy wooden floor. Instead, invest in some cozy rugs to cover your floorboards. By layering rugs over your floors, you can reduce heat loss without having to turn up your thermostat. It also makes your home look more appealing, and can be a cost-effective way to spruce up your living spaces.  


Keeping your house warm in winter

Use smart heating timers to manage when you have your heating on so you don't waste energy.

Cut off all draught areas

Heat loss can be a big problem if you don’t address any draughts in your home. Explore your home and find any pesky areas where heat can slip out. Whether it’s your windows, doors or letterboxes, draught-proofing your home is absolutely essential! You can pick up door draught excluders at a fairly cheap price, as well as draught-excluding tape and rubber seals.

Put a shelf above your radiator

Putting a floating shelf above your radiator is a clever tactic to direct heat to useful spaces. You might wonder, what kind of sorcery is this? The scientific explanation is that the shelf contains heat and diverts it towards you, rather than being wasted on your ceiling.

Master your furniture arrangement

One of the cheapest ways to keep your home warm is to get smart with your furniture arrangement. Play around with where your furniture sits, and work out the best formation to maximise heat retention. Is there a big piece of furniture blocking your radiator? Start to think about where else it can go.

Don’t leave windows and doors open

This goes without saying, but leaving windows and doors open is an easy way to make your home cold. You may be a forgetful person, but try and get into the habit of closing doors and windows when you leave them. Your body temperature will thank you!

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