We know how important it is to make a unique stamp on your home. At Peabody, we love decorating our show apartments and creating that sense of ‘home’ for everyone who comes to visit. When you finally move into your own home, you shouldn’t have to wait to truly make it yours. Whether that’s through a new sofa in your favourite colour (ours is teal) or a swanky new TV with all the latest tech.

Enjoy £1,000 towards decorating your new home!

Decorating is something you shouldn’t have to wait to do, so this August we are giving away £1,000 worth of John Lewis vouchers* for you to pick up all of your essentials for your home renovation. All you need to do is reserve one of our homes at our beautiful selection of developments across London, including:



So if your looking for that new statement armchair or some new pots and pans, we’ve got your covered for that and so much more! Why not take advantage of this offer and make one of our homes uniquely yours.

Our Top Décor Tips

Paint, Paint, Paint

Paint is usually more affordable than wallpaper (not to mention easier to apply). It’s also a quick way to add a pop of colour to your room, paint all the walls in pastels to soften the room or block a bold colour to create a feature.  

Light up the room

Lighting is essential to every space, it sets the mood and adds to the overall feel of your space. So don’t just rely on the ceiling pendant, look at table lamps, floor lamps and other light options to create the atmosphere you’re looking for.

Get the most out of the layout

Making sure your furniture is set for comfortable living. Make the most of your floor to ceiling windows by not blocking them off with big pieces of furniture and follow the gaps between the plug sockets to arrange your bed, so you can turn on your bedside lamps – or charge your mobile within reach overnight.

Dress up your walls

Your walls aren’t just for dividing space, make use of them! Shelving is a great way to add extra storage and display your handpicked accessories, books and plants. Also for those who aren’t ready to make a big change by painting the walls, another way to add colour to your rooms is by adding some artwork. Both of these display options will bring personality to your space, making the home more personal to you.

Williamson Heights

Williamson Heights

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