Buying with Peabody

We believe homes are far more than just places to live. Our developments are designed to enhance their surroundings and create strong communities that enhance your quality of life.

Great customer service

We'll try to make the home-buying process as straightforward as possible, with our experienced sales team ready to answer any queries. As well as a better home, you'll receive a better service.


Our new build homes are rated by others. Last year, five of our schemes were shortlisted for Housing Design awards. And, in 2012, our Peabody Avenue development won a prestigious award from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

21st Century homes

We are known for our innovation in design, as well as our architectural heritage and our homes are built to enhance their surroundings. They're made to appeal to a variety of customers – families, couples or single people. Features like double-glazing throughout and a quality finish are common to all our new build homes.


Our developments are a boon to the local area, because the way they're planned, built and managed helps forge a strong sense of community. The attractive outdoor and shared areas help to build connections between people, and, where possible, allocating space to businesses helps strengthen the economic base of that community.

Peace of mind

All of our homes are covered with either a NHBC or LABC 10-year new build warranty. That means you can be sure your home was built to the highest of standards and that your are protected from structural defects for the first 10 years.

Convenience and lifestyle

We try to build in areas with great transport links, good local shopping and entertainment opportunities. That means you won't have far to go to enjoy everything London has to offer.

Green values

We are committed to supporting sustainable living. As well as helping to offset any negative effect we have on the environment, we want to provide homes our customers can afford to heat. Read more about our sustainability goals.


It’s easy to buy a home with us, whatever your circumstances, and there are two finance schemes that are available with a limited number of properties. Find out more about Buying with Peabody.

After sales

You'll receive a New Homes Guide on moving-in day and you'll be able to speak to members of our New Homes Team about any issues you may have post-purchase.

Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership is a government-funded scheme designed to get buyers onto the property ladder.

Shared Ownership was introduced to help people who can’t afford to buy a home outright because they can’t afford the full mortgage repayments, the deposit, or both. It enables buyers to own a share of their home with as little as a 10% deposit.

“There was no way I would have been able to afford a home without buying through the Shared Ownership scheme. Buying outright on my own would have been impossible and I found I was being priced out of London. The scheme was the most reasonable and realistic option for me to get onto the housing ladder, and this meant that I was able to purchase a 50% share of my home.” Alix Kelly, home owner at Upton Village.

How does the scheme work?

Very simply, you buy a share in the property and pay a subsidised rent on the remainder (which is still owned by Peabody), which can be less than the usual rent for homes in that area.

Then, when you can afford to, you can buy further shares from us and eventually own your home in full if you wish.

Guide to buying a Shared Ownership home

Our 12 Step Guide to Peabody Shared Ownership will help you through the buying process, and for further details, read our Shared Ownership FAQs.

Help to Buy

If you want to own a newly built home in London, you could borrow up to 40% of the purchase price from the Government with the London Help to Buy scheme.

You would only need a 5% deposit and your mortgage would make up the rest.  London Help to Buy applies to newly built properties with a sale price of up to £600,000.

The home must be your primary residence and you must not own another property at the time you buy your new home.

Peabody developments with Help to Buy available will feature the Help to Buy logo.

For more information visit the London Help to Buy website.