Application Process

We're delighted to say that applications are now open for the Shared Ownership apartments at Canons Row are now open.

To apply, please complete the steps detailed below to ensure you are eligible and that the properties are affordable for you. You will need to complete these steps, which include a financial assessment, before we can invite you to a viewing.

Step 1

Check you meet all the basic eligibility criteria.

For this specific scheme, please note that priority will go to applicants who either live or work in Barnet.

Step 2

All potential applicants need to undertake an affordability assessment with the Mortgage Advisors at De Havilland.

Please complete this Financial Assessment Form and send to

Step 3

Forward an up to date credit report to De Havilland using the email address above, along with the latest three months payslips for each applicant and copies of your proof of I.D. (passport or drivers license).

Please also CC our Senior Sales Executive Perminder Virk ( on your email to De Havilland with all of the relevant documents for the Mortgage Advisor and completed financial assessment form.

Click here for a credit report from Experian.

Step 4

Ensure that you have completed a Shared Ownership Application Form. This can be completed online using your login.

If you haven't created your login yet, you can do so by registering here. The Shared Ownership Application Form will be sent directly to our sales team. 

We advise that you speak to the Mortgage Advisors at De Havilland by email to or by phone on 0207 517 0700 in advance of submitting your forms. Any additional information submitted after, such as a larger deposit amount, cannot be updated. 

Passing an affordability assessment with a Mortgage Advisor may not guarantee your ability to obtain a mortgage due to lender restrictions. Please speak to the panel Mortgage Advisor for more information.