Viewing & Application

Please follow the two steps below to create an account and complete your forms in order to request a viewing.

  • Step 1 - You will need to register with us so that you can log in to your Peabody account and complete the application form. Register with Peabody.
  • Step 2 - Log in to your Peabody account and fully complete the Shared Ownership application form. This will allow us to ensure you are eligible and to prioritise all applicants. Log in with Peabody.

The viewing day will take place by appointment only. Appointments are organised directly with the vendor: Mr Manoj Poojari, please call on 07438503189 to book your appointment!


What to do after your viewing

  1. Contact the Resident Sales Team by email:, providing your full name/s, home address, contact number and household income.
  2. Once you have contacted the Resident Sales Team, we will guide you through the next steps, and provide details of the panel financial advisor who will be carrying out the financial assessment.