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Unrivaled Green Spaces

Surrounded by 5km of riverbank, The Reach is positioned within a uniquely verdant riverside landscape. A landscape which has emerged from a former marshland into a system of waterways and lakes – now the home to a huge variety of wildflowers and wildlife. Thamesmead itself comprises 30,000 trees, 7km of canals, three nature reserves and over 350 acres of open spaces – providing a retreat from the bustle of the city. And carved by the maritime and geographical history of the River Thames, the area is completed by over a mile of Thames River frontage with excellent running and cycling routes.

A Growing Cultural Centre

Defined by its proximity to the River Thames, the area has been a historic centre of innovation since the late 60s. Now into its 50th anniversary, the Thamesmead area has seen a continual influx of cultural investment and interest – with a growing appeal to artists, designers and entrepreneurs who see the potential of its ever transforming space. With venues such as Theatre Street Performing Arts and The Link providing a rich, cultural foundation to this South East London locale. Supported by a well implemented cultural programme, the area has seen major advancements. For example, the iconic Lakeside Centre is currently undergoing a major renovation which will soon provide a leading cultural destination to an emerging location. Meanwhile, the wider area is growing every day in its offering of first class eateries, libraries and leisure facilities.