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Lewisham Park

A self-contained center in reach of the city.

Live your best life. Vale Apartments achieves a warm and locally minded feel within one of the largest, most vibrant inner London boroughs.

In reach of Deptford and Greenwich to the north, Blackheath to the east, Catford to the south and Brockley to the west, Vale Apartments offers easy access to the breadth and variety of South London’s most popular destinations.

Climb the heights of Forest Hill, towards expansive views across to the city. Explore the award winning outdoor market at Brockley. Delve into Deptford’s industrial history, or experience the life and soul of Peckham Rye on a weekend.

Within this array of unique suburban centres, Vale Apartments defines an inclusive, spirited community, adjacent to a network of well established and lively neighbourhoods. Expanding in all directions with Lewisham at its centre, South East London has it all and more to offer.

A diverse and lively community.

Surrounding a vibrant suburban centre, the breadth and variety of London’s eateries, pubs and festivities can be found on your doorstep.

Vale Apartments is in reach of much loved local eateries and high quality produce. The iconic Gennaro Delicatessen has been in the same address since 1962, whilst each Saturday, crowds gather for the artisanal bread, flowers and plants at the award winning Brockley Market.

A short walk from Vale Apartments, Street Feast brings an array of independent food stalls and drinks to the Model Market. And in the summer heat of July, the People’s Day festival begins a celebration of music, art and craft within the extended Lewisham community.

Elsewhere, the area incorporates a variety of cultural destinations. The Horniman Museum’s natural history collection is a local institution, surrounded by 16 acres of landscaped gardens. Whilst Goldsmiths University attracts the cultural cache of an international academic elite. 

Street Art
Cutty Sark

South London’s greenest suburb.

Surrounded by an abundance of prized green spaces, parks and conservation areas, Vale Apartments escapes the pressures of the city.

With the highest number of green flag parks in London, Lewisham is often hailed as London’s greenest suburb. It is a place in which to live and prosper, which continues to sustain individuals and families alike with its distinctive village-like charm.

Challenge yourself at the weekly park run at Hilly Fields Park on a Saturday morning. Explore the running river, wild flowers and woodland at Ladywell Fields. Or discover the sprawling grasslands of Greenwich, the UK’s oldest Royal Park; home to the National Maritime Museum and the imposing Royal Observatory.

As part of the ‘Natural Renaissance for Lewisham’, the area’s biodiversity has been lovingly protected by generations of committed local residents and voluntary organisations. Sustaining the natural environment and wildlife for future residents to enjoy, within this uniquely verdant borough.