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Who is Peabody Sales?

It's the name of the team who look after the sales arm of Peabody property.

What is Peabody?

Peabody is a charitable housing organisation that helps to tackle poverty by providing affordable housing in London to those who need it. Our not-for-profit status means that  the money from sales of new developments in London can be reinvested, helping us to fund the social housing and community services we provide.

For more information on Peabody, its founder, history and legacy see our About us page.

Why buy from Peabody?

Our homes are built for Londoners living busy lifestyles. The majority of our new properties are architect-designed, innovative and made to last (we choose the people we work with very carefully – find out about our architect panels).

Practical and attractive outside areas enhance our developments and help make places that people will want to live in for a long time and be very proud of. Search for one of our developments.

And our team of property professionals will be on hand to make the purchase process as painless as possible.

I’m interested in a particular development – how do I find out more about it?

Email us at enquiries@peabodysales.co.uk or call our sales team on 020 7021 4842 to register your interest and we’ll run through the options with you.

How can I contact you?

Our experienced sales team are here to help make sure the buying process is as pain-free as possible. They can be reached at 020 7021 4842 between 9am-5pmMon-Fri. Outside these hours, you can email us at enquiries@peabodysales.co.uk and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

How do I stop receiving emails from Peabody Sales?

Reply to any of our emails, adding "unsubscribe" to the subject line, or contact our sales team by phone or email and we'll be pleased to remove you from our mailing lists.

I’m interested in Shared Ownership. What should I do?

Email us at enquiries@peabodysales.co.uk for details on which Peabody homes are available under the Shared Ownership scheme, which homes you would be eligible to aplly for, and to find out how to register.

How can I find out about future developments?

Email our sales team at enquiries@peabodysales.co.uk or phone us at 020 7021 4842 to register your interest. We’ll then notify you by email or text as new developments are launched.

How do I search for a home?

On our home page, you can search by the minimum number of rooms, maximum price or area of London. Or click on the magnifying glass search icon at top of the page to enter search terms like "Greenwich" "More West" or "SE10".

How do I book an appointment?

When you’ve found a home you’re interested in, click on “Arrange a viewing” (look for the icon with the house) and select a date and time that suits. You’ll be given a choice of times in the morning or afternoon.

After confirming (assuming you already have an account and are logged in) a message will appear that tells you your appointment has been booked. If you haven’t already registered with us, you’ll be prompted to do so – this will only take a few moments.

Alternatively, ring the sales team on 020 7021 4842 or email us at enquiries@peabodysales.co.uk. We’ll be happy to set up an appointment for you.

How do I cancel an appointment?

You can do this through your account dashboard (simply click on cancel appointment), by ringing us at 020 7021 4842 or emailing us at enquiries@peabodysales.co.uk.

How long will a visit take?

This very much depends upon the size of the site and how long you need to view it properly. We suggest that you give yourself at least half an hour to view the property properly, and a bit of extra time to explore the setting.

How do I keep track of the homes I’m interested in?

By registering an account and marking your chosen development as a favourite, you’ll be able to see your choices the next time you log in, when you visit your account page.

Can you recommend a solicitor/financial advisor or mortgage lender?

We provide a choice of solicitors and financial advisors that we’ve worked with in the past. Or you can of course appoint your own. We recommend choosing an advisor who has been personally recommended to you.

Is my new home covered by a warranty or guarantee?

All of our new build homes are covered by a 10-year NHBC or LABC warranty and insurance cover.

What is Help to Buy?

We have a limited number of homes available under the government’s Help to Buy scheme. That means that you can step onto the property ladder with as little as a 5% deposit. The property has to be worth £600,000 or less and it has to be the one you live in most of the time. (That means it isn’t available to those looking for a second home as a buy to let.)

Our sales team will able to tell you which of our homes are available under the Help to Buy scheme – ring us on 020 7021 4842 or email us at enquiries@peabodysales.co.uk.

Why buy a new home?

Brand new homes offer many advantages.

They’re easier and cheaper to heat thanks to modern regulations governing cavity wall, loft insulations and double glazing standards. They also offer a blank canvas without the need for expensive repairs and renovations. Having no chain to worry about will usually mean that you’ll experience an easier, less stressful buying experience.

Are Peabody homes built to industry standards?

Yes – they are built to, and very often exceed, industry standards. We fulfil all the requirements set out in the consumer code that all home builders must follow, and in areas like energy efficiency and sustainability we try to go above and beyond the standard requirements. Many of our homes reach level 4 sustainability standard (level 3 is written into the UK’s building regulations).

Do you offer support throughout the sales process?

Our sales team will be available to answer any questions and offer support throughout the sales process, either on site, by email or on the phone. See our Contact us page for details

Are Peabody interiors of a high standard?

Peabody homes are built to a quality specification. See individual properties for specification details.

Will I have the chance to measure up before I move in?

Yes - you'll be given the opportunity before completion takes place.

How does Peabody deal with defects?

Peabody has a reputation for dealing fairly with our customers and we want to keep it. We aim to provide a home that is decent, safe and secure for all our residents and private buyers.

Our goal is to prevent defects happening in the first place by using only the best designers, contractors and developers. If a defect does come to light, however, we will work quickly and efficiently to identify and repair it.

Do you have tenancies available?

This website features only private sale properties. Visit our main Peabody website for more information on properties for rent.