Move On Up with Peabody

Looking to move from your Shared Ownership home?

We recognise that as a first time buyer who has purchased through Shared Ownership, you want the freedom to move home. The apartment you bought may no longer suit your needs and you’re looking to 'Move On Up' into a home with more space or a more stunning view.

Whatever your personal circumstances are, Peabody want to give our existing leaseholders the flexibility to find another accessible Peabody Home.

So what is 'Move On Up'?

'Move On Up' is Peabody’s Portable Equity Scheme that can help our existing Shared Owners use the equity in their current home to purchase a New Build or Resale Peabody home through Shared Ownership, Help to Buy London or Open Market Sales.

How does it work?

Our dedicated team will work with you to sell your existing Shared Ownership home whilst helping you find the perfect Peabody home that suits all your needs, making moving home seamless.

We will guide you through all aspects of selling, from viewing day tips, choosing solicitors and obtaining a mortgage. Our team will ease the stress of the buying process, by matching you to Peabody homes that ticks all of your boxes.

Are you eligible for 'Move On Up'?

To be eligible for ‘Move On Up’ you will need to pass an affordability assessment for your new home to ensure you aren’t overstretching yourself and meet the below criteria below:

  • Be an existing Peabody Shared Ownership Leaseholder
  • Currently own a Peabody Shared Ownership home in one of the 32 London Boroughs
  • Have a gross household income of less than £90,000 per annum
  • Have no outstanding arrears on your rent, service charge account or mortgage

Want to 'Move On Up'? Here's your next step:

If you are interested in 'Move On Up'  you will need to get in touch with our Sales team who can take you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Phone: 0203 478 9875

Move On Up

Move home with Peabody


The process of buying more shares for a Shared Ownership home is reffered to as staircasing. If you staircase to 100% you will become an outright owner.

Selling your home

Selling your Shared Ownership home is a straightforward process and is known as a resale. You can sell your Shared Ownership home at any time.