Home is more than just a place to live.

It’s a place to escape from it all, to grow into, to realise your ambitions and dream big.
Peabody is an award winning property developer located in the heart of London, with a mission to create great places where people want to live.
We provide homes with the assistance of Help To BuyShared Ownership and Rent to Buy.
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New homes for sale in North London

Taking in the bustle of Islington, leafy Alexandra Palace and wonderful views of the city from Highgate Hill, North London includes some of London’s most desirable neighbourhoods and attracts a creative crowd.

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New homes for sale in East London

Renewed by innovative development and youthful energy. From the iconic skyline of Canary Wharf to the parks and Victorian terraces of Hackney, East London's landscape tells a tale of rise and regeneration.

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New homes for sale in South London

South London is one of the best places to live if you want to balance the buzz of city life with more peaceful scenery. With an abundance of parks and plenty of stylish hangouts, the south side of the Thames is ideal for young professionals. 

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New homes for sale in West London

Home to London's most grown up neighbourhoods. Known for its charm and sophistication, West London is more diverse than perceptions would have you believe. Stretching from cultured Marylebone to suburban Acton, it is as varied and interesting as it comes.

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