Well-travelled couple find their sanctuary to settle at The Pomeroy

"Everything ran so smoothly, and we felt at ease in the knowledge that Peabody had a handle on everything."
- June & Greg, Shared Ownership buyers at The Pomeroy

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Find out how June and Greg found their place to call home at The Pomeroy with Peabody

Greg and June, being in their 50’s and 60’s respectively, are far from average first-time buyers.
This well-travelled couple spent much of their lives globe-hopping for work and leisure; in turn, halting their home-buying plans.
Happily, Greg and June are now settled at The Pomeroy, in New Cross; where they purchased a spacious two-bedroom apartment with a generous wrap-around terrace, through Shared Ownership.

Greg, an undergraduate course leader at Ravensbourne University, and June, who works for the global travel department at Wellcome Trust, begin: “When it came to purchasing a property, it was always one of those things we were going to do ‘next year’. Then one year turned into two, two into three – and so on. Life got in the way.”

They continue: “It was only when lockdown was in full swing that we really knuckled down and made the decision to buy. The amount of time we were spending within the confines of our London home made us realise what we lacked; which was space.”

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Contemporary urban living at The Pomeroy 

Discussing their previous living arrangements, Greg and June explain: “Previously, we rented a one-bedroom garden flat less than a mile away in Nunhead.
We were there for nine years. Part of the reason we stayed there for so long was the garden. 
We’re both keen gardeners, so we knew that if we were to buy somewhere, the property would need to offer us enough space to preen and landscape.
This is difficult to find in London, as the demand for properties with outdoor space has surged considerably over the past year, and so have the prices.”

All homes at The Pomeroy have been designed to offer buyers the best of contemporary urban living; with thoughtfully planned layouts, stylish interiors, a superb specification, and private outdoor space creating an unparalleled sense of space and light.

Greg and June comment: “When we came across The Pomeroy, we fell in love immediately. One of the first things that sold us was the sense of light. We have floor to ceiling height windows, and large French doors leading out to the terrace. Because of this, the whole apartment has an energy and lightness that our previous flat simply lacked.”

“After you’ve lived in a dark, Victorian conversion for nine years, you really appreciate a modern design - where everything feels light and open, clean, and sharp-edged. The rooms have been so thoughtfully planned out; from the arrangements to the specification. Our friends that have visited have been absolutely blown away. They’re even using it at inspiration for their own homes!”


Access to outdoor space crucial for June and Greg

The properties at The Pomeroy are well renowned for their outdoor spaces.
In August 2020, Peabody teamed up with garden, fashion and interiors influencer, Jaqueline Mercer (Tiny and the House) to transform the show-home terrace.

Jacqueline used a range of plants, containers, and outdoor furniture pieces to demonstrate how home-owners can make the most of their space.  Greg and June followed in her footsteps by dressing their very own terrace. They speak to this:

“One of our main reasons for purchasing here at The Pomeroy was the outdoor space. The apartment offered us a large wrap-around terrace. When we got here, we dug up our entire garden from the previous flat, and re-planted everything. This includes roughly 50 potted plants, bamboo, shrubs, two Japanese Acers, a wild cherry tree, and lavender. It looks astonishing – like our very own sanctuary.”

“We plan on sharing our cuttings and seedlings with our neighbours for them to use in their own outdoor spaces. The development has a very distinct, community feel to it. We have a very active WhatsApp group, and plan to meet up once restrictions have eased!”


Homes with connections to all of London

When it comes to location, The Pomeroy is exceedingly well connected.
Both Queens Road Peckham and New Cross Gate over ground stations are a short walk away, and both provide quick links to Canary Wharf, London Bridge and Kings Cross St Pancras.
For those who prefer getting around on foot or by bike, there are plenty of pedestrian routes and cycle paths to make commuting safe and easy.

Greg comments: “The location is ideal for work. I run a BA honours course called Editing and Post Production at Ravensbourne University, which is on the Greenwich Peninsula. It’s around 20-minutes away by bike, so my commute is great.”

Delving into the purchasing process, Greg and June comment: “Our journey towards home-ownership was somewhat like a high-speed train. In terms of the purchasing process, the whole plan to move really gained traction during the second COVID lockdown. That’s when we really started to investigate our possible options and save. We were surprised by how quickly we put together a deposit of £30,000, and, within a month, we had chosen a property and reserved it!”

Greg and June secured their home at The Pomeroy through Shared Ownership. This means buyers can purchase between 25% and 75% of a property’s full market value, and pay subsidised rent on the outstanding share. Further shares can be bought by purchasers as and when they can afford to do so. Greg comments: “Shared Ownership is a great option if you’re buying in London and can’t afford to pay full market value. We purchased a 25% share of our property here at The Pomeroy, and we plan on staircasing up to 100% ownership over the course of the next few years.”

Buy with confidence with Peabody 

Greg and June finalise by commending Peabody on the service they received throughout their purchasing journey:

“Buying a home for the first time is a daunting prospect to the best of us, no matter what age, but Peabody made our journey completely painless. Everything ran so smoothly, and we felt at ease in the knowledge that Peabody had a handle on everything. We can’t recommend them enough.”

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