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Peabody homes are built for Londoners living busy lifestyles. The majority of our new properties are architect-designed, innovative and made to last, and we choose the people we work with very carefully.

Practical and attractive outside areas enhance our developments and help make places that people will want to live in for a long time and be very proud of.

Working in close partnership with architects, designers and builders, attention to detail and quality of materials, fit and finish are integral to our approach. We consider every aspect of a development to ensure that we create desirable and functional spaces for living.

Our exceptional track record in sustainability is central to all of our projects. We aim to build to a higher than minimum level when it comes to the Code for Sustainable Homes. Many of our new developments are awarded with Level 4 certificates, while the current minimum is Level 3.

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We have a selection of private sale homes available to purchase throughout London, some of which have Help to Buy available. Take a look here and register your interest to be invited to a viewing.

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Private Sale homes with Peabody

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