Williamson Heights Challenge


What do you get when you challenge 3 social media interior design gurus and give them free reign to decorate brand new apartments in an exciting part of London?

Our influencer's have accepted the challenge of using their creativity and design expertise to decorate homes in our vibrant apartments at Williamson Heights, Wembley and bring the 3 empty homes to life, creating a new space filled with energy and character - perfect for a first time buyer.

Each designer brings their own unique creative approach to the challenge; @Around.Robyn will create a 'Second Hand' themed home, @Design at Nineteen keeps it local with a 'From Around Wembley' challenge and lastly @Little Big Bell will decorate the third home with a 'Work Hard, Play Hard' theme. 

You can follow these savvy social media gurus on their journey to transforming the brand new apartments at Williamson Heights by watching our video series below.

And to see the show homes in person be sure to Register your interest at Williamson Heights.


*All filming took place using the relevant government guidelines on safely working during Covid-19.


Watch the #WilliamsonHeightsChallenge Full Trailer to get a sneak peak
at what's to come....