Following our merger with Family Mosaic, the Peabody Group now provides homes and services to more than 111,000 residents and 8,000 care home services customers.

Peabody was founded by the American philanthropist George Peabody over 150 years ago and our properties are a familiar part of the London skyline.

We plough the profits we generate from the sales of our unique new homes back into affordable housing to make London a city of opportunity for all. These sales also support the community services we provide.

We want to carry on making robust, architecturally beautiful additions to London in the way we’ve always done. What they look like and how they sit in the city is very important to us.

But whether we are building new homes, managing existing properties or building thriving communities, we never lose sight of the fact that our customers are at the heart of everything we do. Read more about Peabody or Search for a new home.

Our story

George Peabody was born in Massachusetts in 1795. A banker with a social conscience, he put the money he earned through his financial and business endeavours to good use in the USA as well as the UK, establishing educational funds, charitable institutions and centres of learning that exist to this day.

A social pioneer

Not long before he retired, George Peabody decided he wanted to present a gift to the poor of London. Considering suggestions from the likes of social reformer Lord Shaftesbury, he settled on the idea of funding the construction of low-cost dwellings for the working poor.

In 1862, the Peabody Donation Fund (later known as the Peabody Trust) was formed.  The first estate in Spitalfields was a pioneering development. It featured separate laundry rooms and play areas for children, as well as shared toilets which were monitored for diseases.

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The Peabody vision

To this day, Peabody's social vision is still at the forefront of everything we do. As well as having one of the largest social and economic regeneration programmes of any of the London housing associations, we're helping to fund our ambitious plans by building up to 1,000 beautiful homes every year. 

We want as many people as possible to have:

  • A good home… a place that is safe, warm, clean, light, well-maintained and evokes personal pride.
  • A sense of purpose… this means regular endeavour – whether that is work, learning, caring for others, personal development or volunteering.
  • A strong feeling of belonging… that grows from active involvement in the neighbourhood. A spirit of togetherness and friendliness develops alongside that.

London has been our home for 150 years. Make it yours….

Our homes

Built with real people in mind

We’ve been building homes in London for a very long time.

When you buy one of our homes, you won’t just be buying into our past: our designs are very much alive and geared to the real 21st-century buyer.




Interiors and exteriors

They include details like:

- Beautiful kitchens and bathrooms that are practical and durable
- Integrated ovens, hobs and other kitchen appliances from quality brands
- Wooden block or composite stone worktops
- Contemporary, great quality sanitaryware and fixtures and fittings
- Heating systems that which are unobtrusiveness and easy to control
- Spacious, light-filled living areas
- Attractive and practical communal areas and landscaped outdoor spaces

Design Standards

Newly built homes in the UK are covered by a variety of quality controls, and we work to them as closely as we can in our London developments.

Lifetime Homes

Lifetime Homes is a set of criteria that deals with flexibility and adaptability.  From raising small children to coping with illness or dealing with reduced mobility in later life, Lifetime Homes make the ups and downs of daily living easier to manage.

Our developers and architects address as many of these criteria as possible when designing new homes.

Building for Life

Building for Life 12 is the industry standard for new homes and provides another set of criteria that address the design quality of new developments. It refers to the character and community of the area in which the homes are situated; streets, parking and pedestrianisation in the locality; and design and construction of the buildings themselves.

Our architects have all these criteria in mind when they draw up plans for our new schemes.

Code for Sustainable Homes

We aim to build to a higher than minimum level when it comes to the Code for Sustainable Homes. Many of our new developments are awarded with Level 4 certificates, while the current minimum is Level 3.

Our Awards

Es Awards TeamEs Nh Awards 2017 Logo Winner Orange 550X350

Peabody has been at the forefront of providing affordable housing in London for over 150 years. We have received many awards and accolades for our stylish and innovative homes in and around London. As an award-winning housing association we are immensely proud to have received recognition in areas such as housing design and architecture, marketing, digital innovation and community regeneration. Here are some of our proud achievements over the past few years:


  • Sunday Times British Homes Awards - Homebuilder of the Year: Peabody
  • Sunday Times British Homes Awards - Development of the Year: St John's Way
  • Sunday Times British Homes Awards - Best Apartment Development: St John's Way (Highly Commended)
  • Sunday Times British Homes Awards - Best Affordable Housing Development: Cleverly Estate 
  • Inside Housing Development Awards - Best Affordable Housing Development (Urban): Upton Village (Plaistow Hospital)
  • National Housing Awards - Overall Winner: Peabody
  • National Housing Awards - Best Design: Upton Village
  • National Housing Awards - Best Regeneration Project: More West (Silchester) 
  • National Housing Awards - Best Marketing Campaign: St Johns Way
  • Property Marketing Awards - Best Marketing Campaign for a Regeneration SchemeSt John’s Way
  • RIBA London Awards - Architectural Excellence: More West (Silchester) & St John's Hill (Phase 1)
  • Evening Standard New Homes Awards - Best Affordable Housing Development: Upton Village 
  • First Time Buyer Reader's Awards - Best Architectural Design: St John's Way (Highly Commended) 
  • First Time Buyer Reader's Awards - Best First Time Buyer ApartmentCarters Yard (Highly Commended)
  • Housing Innovation Awards - Best Affordable Housing Scheme: Upton Village


  • First Time Buyer Awards - Affordable Housing Provider of the Year: Peabody
  • First Time Buyer Awards - Best Urban Regeneration Project: Pembury Circus (Highly Commended)
  • First Time Buyer Awards - Best Show Home: Chancery Building (Highly Commended)
  • National Housing Awards - Best Marketing Campaign: Upton Village 'Plaistow & Proud'
  • National Housing Award 2016 - Best Large Development: Pembury Circus (Highly Commended)
  • What House? Awards - Housing Association of the Year: Peabody (Bronze winner)
  • Property Marketing Awards - Best Website: 
  • Wharf Property Awards - Residential Development of the Year: Merchants Walk
  • Wharf Property Awards - Affordable Housing Scheme: Merchants Walk (Highly Commended)
  • LEAF (Leading European Architecture Forum) - Best mixed-use development: Pembury Circus
  • Brick Awards - Best Large Housing Development: St John’s Hill


  • RIBA Awards - National: Darbishire Place
  • RIBA Awards - London Region: Darbishire Place
  • RIBA Awards - London Region: Mint Street
  • Brick Awards - Best Housing Design: Darbishire Place
  • New London Award - Homes (Unbuilt): St John's Grove


  • Housing Design Award - Completed project: Mint Street
  • New London Award - Housing: Mint Street


Saving money through sustainability

Building in a sustainable way is hugely important to Peabody and we try to mitigate the effects of climate change in everything we do. This benefits the environment as well as our home owners.

Our aim is to cut carbon emissions from our housing stock by 60% before 2025 and to do that we're increasing the number of green, open spaces around our homes and setting strict environmental standards for them.

Insulation, double-glazed windows, efficient heating systems and the use of solar panels on many of our developments also means that your heating bills will be reduced.

Find out more about our approach to sustainability.