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Guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are continuing to actively manage our response to Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are following updated Government advice. Please see our latest guidance for anyone buying a home or attending a property viewing with Peabody and how we are supporting residents and local communities.

Our New Build phone lines are currently unavailable. If you would like to get in touch with the team please use the email address shown below. (Update: Tuesday 29 September at 10:26am)

If you would like to get in touch with a member of the Peabody sales team, please use one of the contact methods provided below. Alternatively have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

Please note, if you are an existing Peabody resident looking to report a repair, make a payment or any other general enquiries, please visit

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

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Albion House, 20 Queen Elizabeth Street

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What is Peabody?

Peabody is a charitable housing organisation that helps to tackle poverty by providing affordable housing in London to those who need it. Our not-for-profit status means that  the money from sales of new developments in London can be reinvested, helping us to fund the social housing and community services we provide.

For more information on Peabody, its founder, history and legacy see our About us page.

Who is Peabody Sales?

It's the name of the team who look after the sales arm of Peabody property.

Why buy from Peabody?

Our homes are built for Londoners living busy lifestyles. The majority of our new properties are architect-designed, innovative and made to last.

Practical and attractive outside areas enhance our developments and help make places that people will want to live in for a long time and be very proud of. Search for one of our developments.

And our team of property professionals will be on hand to make the purchase process as painless as possible.

I’m interested in a particular development – how do I find out more about it?

Email us at or call our sales team on 020 7021 4842 to register your interest and we’ll run through the options with you.

How do I keep track of the homes I’m interested in?

When you create an account with us you will have two options to mark the developments you are interested in:

If you SAVE a development, if will get bookmarked on your account. This way you can quickly see all the developments you liked but you will not receive any communication from us about these developments.

If you REGISTER INTEREST in a development, you will also see it on your account but you will also receive updates from us about these developments

Do you have tenancies available?

This website features only private sale properties. Visit our main Peabody website for more information on properties for rent.

How do I stop receiving emails from Peabody Sales?

Reply to any of our emails, adding "unsubscribe" to the subject line, or contact our sales team by phone or email and we'll be pleased to remove you from our mailing lists.

How do I find out what information about me Peabody has?

You can make a request to be informed of what information we have about you by visiting

Please note: If you have an ongoing relationship with Peabody - for example as a tenant or a service user - you will need to make a separate request via our main page.

How do I request to be removed from Peabody databases?

You can make a request for all of your personal information to be removed from our marketing databases. This should be done by email to:

The request needs to be sent from the same email as you used to create an account with us. 

Please note: following this request, your personal data will be removed from our marketing and sales databases. If you have an ongoing relationship with Peabody - for example as a tenant or a service user - you will need to make a separate request via our main page.