Are you looking for low-cost, fail-safe inspiration to update your living area? Do you like what you see on Pinterest and wish you could recreate the same style in your home? Then look no further, Peabody will show you how in 5 easy ways, inspired by the interior designs that the professionals use when decorating our show homes. And as an added bonus we will include a further 2 more tips!

Tip #1 | Rearrange your furniture

Make the most of what you already have. Refocus the layout of your living area – create a new focal point, perhaps a piece of artwork, instead of the TV. Simply de-cluttering your living area and moving out some unnecessary furniture can make it feel more spacious.

Tip #2 | Go shopping at home

No matter if you’re trying to re-style your living area in your studio apartment or four-bed townhouse, it’s always worth searching other rooms in your home to see if you can borrow anything. For instance, a cupboard in your office space may work better at decluttering your living area. Furniture which you may have abandoned in storage, as it was out of season at the time, may be back in fashion now.

Tip #3 | Fabric vs photos

Fed up with the same old photo wall? Fabric wall hangings are the new bohemian way to brighten up a room! Look in your duvet drawer to see if you have anything that might work, or even better if you have any retro Macrame, this fabric makes a really lovely wall hanging.

Colindale Gardens | Macrame wall hanging

Colindale Gardens | Macrame wall hanging

Tip #4 | Bring your room to life with plants

House plants are the perfect accessory to brighten up your living area with a splash of colour. They can also help shape your room – try positioning small plants at various heights. Avoid large house plants as these can be expensive!

Patchworks | Hanging plants

Patchworks | Hanging plants

Tip #5 | Use paint to reshape your living area

Reshape your room with a splash of paint! Buying a small pot of paint is inexpensive and samples are often free. Adding a splash of colour here and there with paint can help make a room pop! This is definitely a technique used by our interior designers this year.

Greenway at Beckton Parkside | Wall painting

Greenway at Beckton Parkside | Wall painting

BONUS - Tip #1 | Cushion Re-fresh

Sometimes updating your cushions can be the perfect living area re-fresh. They have the ability to add texture, shape and colour to your room.

BONUS - Tip #2 | Update your lighting

One piece of advice the professionals always give is to layer the light used in your room. In lamens terms this means thinking about getting lighting at different heights; from table to floor lamps. Lighting in this way can help craft the mood of your room.

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