Published 14 May 2021

9 Ways To De-Clutter & De-Stress Your Home

The place we call home means a lot to us and serves as a multi functioning space. It could be your place for working remotely most of the week or somewhere you can let off steam while following the steps to the latest online exercise routine in your living room. At the end of a long week we all want a place we can relax and unwind while feeling safe in our own space.

In reality, maintaining this clean and tidy sanctuary is not easy when you're constantly on the go. Below we give you 9 ideas to de-stress your home, making you feel more "Zen'd" out in the process.

A 'stressful' home is one that is filled with noise, clutter and lack of comfort, but revamping your home to exude peaceful, tranquil vibes doesn't need to be over complicated or expensive. There are plenty of ways to bring your home to life without breaking the bank. These 9 tips below will show you how to achieve this.

1. Bring In More Light

Natural sunlight creates an almost immediate sense of calm in any space. Using white, gauze material curtains or even window film allows light to flow through your home, creating an illusion of added space. Allowing sunlight to enter into your home is said to naturally lift your mood, while dark spaces tend to make you feel sleepy or gloomy.

2. Simplify Your Colour Scheme

Although patterns are a great way to add some personality to your home, sometimes it can get a little crazy if you mix and match too many textures and patterns at once. Create calm throughout your home by choosing one or two colours or patterns in each room to create a stylish yet subtle ambience.

3. Organise Your Home

An essential part of de-stressing your home is by simply organising and cleaning up messy areas. Clutter is the number one cause of stress in most homes and having too much 'stuff' within your home tends to create a lot of noise in the mind, leaving us feeling overwhelmed. You can organise your home on a budget by turning wooden crates into wall storage or using old plastic containers and jars to store your essentials.

4. Use Floor Lamps & Table Lamps

While winding down in the evening, try to refrain from using ceiling lights that can project harsh, direct lighting. Create a serene and calming atmosphere by using floor or table lamps which are easier on your eyes.

5. Add Scented Fresheners Or Candles

Keep your home feeling and smelling like a spa by using light scented fragrances. Try to use scents that will naturally calm you like lavender or vanilla. You can also make an air freshener with your favourite essential oils to create a bespoke and rejuvenating aroma for your home.

6. Decorate With Positive Artwork

Hang relaxing and empowering wall decor around your home. Whether it's peaceful art, an interesting framed picture, or an empowering phrase or word, decorate your walls with pieces that will make your feel happy and upbeat when you look at them. Looking at inspiring artwork and imagery will also make you feel more inspired.

7. Use Soft Fabrics Around Your Home

Soft fabrics are great for keeping your home feeling calm and making you feel secure in your surroundings. Decorating and using blankets and throws with fabrics such as Cashmeres, Velvets, soft Linens can help you unwind and sleep better when you're staying home for the night.

8. Bring Nature Indoors

Not only do plants and flowers add a natural fragrance to your home, they are also great to look at and are proven to be scientifically calming. Displaying plants inside your home can help purify the air which can also help you stay de-stressed and relaxed.

9. Designate A Calm Space In Your House

It is important to designate a certain area in your home with no work or TV, where you can feel at peace and relax. Ensure you visit this area every day for at least 20 minutes to help you keep calm throughout the week.


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