Published 14 Apr 2020

Gaining Effortless Independence through My Shared Ownership Purchase

Starting again is never easy, but for Niketa, a mother of two, Shared Ownership, made her independence effortless.

Born and bred in Ealing, Niketa always believed purchasing in her hometown would be too expensive for her to afford on her own.

Having been introduced to the Shared Ownership scheme by Peabody, Niketa learnt that she could afford to buy a 40% share of a two bedroom apartment at Ternary Place.

Purchasing a home at this Peabody development, located in Ealing, gave her the emotional security she needed by having her family close by.

“I didn’t know anything about the Shared Ownership scheme, however I used to drive past Ternary Place all the time and then learnt about the scheme through Peabody’s sales team once I called to arrange a viewing. The advantage of Shared Ownership is that at times you can find a home in a location you want”

“I was set on living in Ealing as it’s super convenient for me – it’s close to my kids’ school and also my parents. With the area being quite expensive, I was so happy that the option of Shared Ownership allowed me purchase a property here. It was more an emotional decision to move to the area to have the security of a familiar place and family close by. Safety was key for me so I didn’t want to move into a completely new area of town that was alien to me.”

Ternary Place provides Design Layout and Convenience

Niketa was impressed with the elegantly designed, modern show home at Ternary Place. As well as the light, spacious and open plan layout; it also boasted large bedrooms which was complemented by a stylish ensuite.

Another major selling point is that each apartment at Ternary Place benefits from a winter garden, providing a flexible indoor/outdoor space to use all year round.

Niketa fell in love with the apartment once she viewed it and committed to purchasing the fully dressed show apartment, along with the carefully selected furniture that came with the home.

“The winter garden extends the space of the living room. The layout of the apartment also gives my kids plenty of space to play, however the winter garden works as a nice area where they can sit down and do homework and also eat. It’s honestly a breath of fresh air and makes the apartment feel extra spacious and airy.”

As well as her family connections in Ealing, Niketa also loved the convenience of this Zone 3 location.

Ternary Place development is just a short walk away from North Ealing station, offering connections into central London via the Piccadilly line.

Connectivity was a big factor for Niketa, as was the proximity to a number of restaurants, local amenities and child-friendly parks.

Feeling inspired? 

Peabody offer a variety of Shared Ownership homes around London for you to choose from. Why not find out more about Shared Ownership and take look through our stunning apartments we have on offer.


Ternary Place Living Room

Ternary Place Living Room

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