A Sound Investment in Thamesmead - London's Hidden Gem

Discover how Mary purchased her very own home through Shared Ownership with Peabody

The area of Thamesmead is one of London’s most hidden gems – teeming with stunning waterways, large green spaces and a growing number of independent retailers as well as a vibrant town centre to explore.

The town is set to benefit from a £1bn regeneration project that will transform the area known for its brutalist architecture into a rejuvenated community with timeless homes fit for modern London-living. Peabody, in association with London Borough of Bexley and the Royal Borough of Greenwich, is at the helm to drive this transformation.

With residents able to take advantage of the excellent connectivity links, facilitated by the impending arrival of the Elizabeth Line, the flagship development, The Reach, in West Thamesmead, is a prime area to relocate for first-time buyers.

Adding to the allure was a chance to own a home as part of the regeneration of the area that new homeowner Mary, who after looking for the perfect home for 4-5 months, simply couldn’t resist.

"I did look for about four to five months before I finally made my decision, I was scared but I took that leap of faith with Peabody, they were really caring and accommodating. What ticked the box for me was definitely the space, the location and the flats have a luxury feel and value for your money"

Watch Mary's home buying journey with Shared Ownership at The Reach.


The Reach offers a comfortable working space without the commute

The thoughtfully designed homes at The Reach have been carefully created, with the buyer in mind, making use of spacious living areas and modern specifications; all finished to a high standard.

Making use of her second room in the apartment, Mary had the vision of turning her spare room into a 'cloffice', which she describes at 'half closet, half office'.

The spare room was spacious enough to offer a working space for Mary, who works from home, to carry out her 9-5 duties with ease.

Mary says:"Its a good thing that i'm working from home at the moment, as I can do my day job but also have enough space to complete other personal projects I'm working on as well.

The most exciting part was actually moving in and planning the whole look and feel of the new flat. I really like my spare room, i turned it into a 'cloffice' - so it's half a closet, half an office"

Although a commute into the City of London is not required by Mary at the moment, The Reach is practically placed for London living, with train journeys into Central London which are approximately 30 minutes, and even closer for Canary Wharf or London City Airport. 

The Reach Living area

Living Area at The Reach, SE28

Mary in her living room

Mary enjoys her spacious living area at her new home.

Mary has made close friendships with other neighbours at The Reach

Mary has made close friendships with other neighbours at The Reach

Discover The Reach Local Area 

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Cultural performances in Thamesmead

The Light Festival at Thamesmead

A Developing Cultural Hub

The Thamesmead area has seen a continual influx of cultural investment and interest – with a growing appeal to artists, designers and entrepreneurs who see the potential of its ever transforming space.

Keen to maintain a balanced work-life balance, Mary is currently enjoying her new living surroundings and has made friends with other local homeowners to explore the growing culture that Thamesmead has to offer.

'It's a very diverse community here and I've made friends with my neighbour that lives at the end of my floor and we are now pretty close so when I moved in, it made me feel a lot more welcome.

Doing entertaining things around the area helps me get time away from work and my computer.'

Venues such as Theatre Street Performing Arts and The Link providing a rich, cultural foundation to this South East London town, supported by a well implemented cultural programme, the area has seen major advancements.

A Sound Investment For The Future

Mary reflects on her journey buying the 2-bedroom apartment at The Reach with Peabody, and was surprised at how straightforward and easy the process was. She was delighted with the incentive offered during her sales process and found getting assistance towards legal fees very helpful financially.

'The incentive of getting my legal fees paid up to a certain amount was actually really helpful and made sure it was affordable. Peabody provided a good customer service and made sure that they're thinking of their customers even after sales which was great.'

Mary bought a 25% share of her home through Shared Ownership and feels that her purchase was a great achievement and a worthwhile move towards her accomplishing her goals.

'I bought through Shared Ownership with Peabody, it's a great first step I am looking to Staircase in the near future and hopefully buy up to about 35% share. I definitely feel like I've got an investment for the future. I can see there are some changes coming to Thamesmead and have seen many changes already taking place.'

'It's an area that's up and coming, and buying here was the best decision that I could have made.'

Mary takes in the serene views of her local area.

Mary takes in the serene views of her local area.

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